Nacho Libre Fans Rejoice, Lucha Libre Game is The Real Deal

The first ever Lucha Libre game due out in August ‘AAA:Lucha Libre Heroes del Ring’ will sure to get all Lucha Libre, or even Nacho Libre fans ready for real wrestling.

TQcast recently had a chance to talk with Julian Castillo from Slang about the much anticipated ‘AAA:Lucha Libre Heroes del Ring’. It is not wrestling it is Lucha libre. Check out the video interview below.

Slang had by far the best game presentation at E3 2010, with a full size Lucha ring filled with Luchadores. Look out for AAA:Lucha Libre Heroes del Ring for the Wii, PS3, 360, DS, PSP on August 9 this year.


  • Innovative Scoring System: Unique to Lucha Libre is the fact that wrestlers need to gain the support of the crowd in order to win the match – as players increase their popularity they will be able to unlock progressively more deadly moves which they will be able to inflict upon their opponent.
  • Mexican Lucha Libre Based Gameplay: Whether playing as a Tecnico (Good Guy) or a Rudo (Bad Guy), the Lucha Libre style of wrestling features a fast and acrobatic style of gameplay in which gamers employ a sophisticated yet fun system of strikes/counter-strikes, extreme aerial assaults and character-specific specialty moves in order to defeat their foe.
  • Real Mexican Luchadores: Gamers may play as any of 30 different real-life luchadores featured in the AAA League. All fighters retain their own signature movements, taunts, and alignment with either the Tecnicos or the Rudos.

  • Authentic Mexican Wrestling Venues: In Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring matches will take place in the same arenas used by the AAA, as well as, locations which are representative of the Mexican culture and Lucha Libre legend.

  • Customizable Character Editor: Featuring a never before seen ‘Mask Editor’, the game’s ‘Create a Fighter’ feature allows players to design their own luchador from the mask down while choosing from a massive collection of customizable clothes, accessories, body characteristics and clan allegiance.

  • Online Gameplay featuring Mask vs. Hair mode: The game offers intense and competitive online matches for up to four players where users can fight as any of the 30 existing luchadores or as a character which they have created themselves. In this mode, wrestlers wager their mask or hair against their opponents in a winner-take-all battle against humiliation!