Microsoft has been in the spot light recently; pushing out new content, hardware with the 360 S, and Kinect. But has Microsoft been working and testing a new gaming console to lead the next generation all along? Are they ready to release a new console 2011?

Recently, Nowgamer received an e-mail from Microsoft in respond to the new Xbox 360′s over heating issues. Microsoft completely ignored the question and stated the following:

“We couldn’t be more proud of the consoles we are building now, as well as the new Xbox 360″.

hmmm?? Seems like Microsoft may be working on the next gen Xbox system, and quite possibly testing games with it. Microsoft made it clear that they are proud of the their new consoles, as well as the new Xbox 360. Although not the route foreseen for Microsoft, it appears that they may be sticking to a console for their next gen system. Seems like overheating will no longer be an issue for them.

Next Gen could be closer than we think. Can we see the next gen Xbox console in 2011.