This Is How Gamers Party At E3- Biggest Community Party ‘Gamers Gone Wild’

When it came to gaming celebrities, and gaming communities from all across the globe, hosted a spectacular party for them all during this year’s E3 in Los Angeles California. A mega list of names attended the biggest gaming party this year, such as; Gears of War Super Star – Carlos Ferro, EA Sports, THQ, 2k Games, Ubisoft, Fragdolls, The cast of the PSN Tester Season 1, Hiphopgamer, Konsole Kingz, Ironstarmovement, Girlgamer, Gamertag Radio, The Bitbag, Radioactive Nerd, Gamers Garage, Dual Shockers, Analoghype, Coin-op-Tv, Steel Series, Gunnar Optiks, Southpeak Games, Astro, Nightmare Armor Studios, 2old2play, WCG prod1gy x, Jacob Patterson, Talking About Games, Sarcastic Gamer, Microsoft mvp’s, Madcatz and of course yours truly, ‘TQcast’., led by founders Ross Furman and Julie Furman, went above and beyond, to make E3 2010 one of the best E3’s yet. Parties like these are just not common at E3. A New E3 has been born! But enough writing, the action was all caught on the TQ cam. Check it out!

  • Siggy

    Damn, wish I was there with you guys.

  • Steven

    Wow! SFX360 nice party!

  • xxNeoGeoxx

    Dammmnnn, That looked fun as hell. You lucky bastards. lol

  • Cool party – prob the only one people were kinda dancing 🙂

  • Kosamus

    That party was a blast! Even met a crazy old guy that said he was on a peyote trip. lol

  • We had a blast. Thanks SFX360