Sony Move and Microsoft Kinect Are a Wii All Over Again

4 Years into the Wii’s life and Sony and Microsoft have finally reached that special place that the Wii has capitalized in, called ‘motion control gaming’. Microsoft’s new motion system ‘Kinect’ is probably a step up from what Nintendo introduced to the world 4 years ago, but nothing revolutionary. Sony’s Move on the other hand, is a complete replica of the Wii with HD graphics

Before we start getting off track, the article is focusing on the motion control area, an area that Sony and Microsoft are just now, trying to capitalize in. Now, let’s bring up the hate–so called hard core gamers had for the Wii before Sony and Microsoft announced their motion systems. The Wii is always talked about as the dusty old console that nobody wants to play, while the PS3 and XBOX 360 is always being played online. So what is the difference now? Will gamers give in, now that their system supports motion controls?

After attending E3 this year, (if you didn’t attend E3 & tried for yourself, I suggest you try before you type), Motion Controls for both Microsoft and Sony seemed old, seemed too familiar, seemed out of place. Nintendo on the other hand, has been doing this for years; anything new for the Wii seems to feel refreshed. A great example is a game called ‘Epic Mickey’. The game had E3 in a frenzy.

Whether we want to believe it or not, The Wii came in well ahead of its time. Even without the HD graphics, the Wii continues to be a huge success and continues to stay consistent. The console that made Sony and Microsoft change their game plan may not need an HD upgrade anytime soon, since the competition has finally touched motion controls.

Don’t be a fan boy, realize that Nintendo had this on lock years ago and expect Nintendo to revolutionize gaming once again in the next few years. Graphics is not everything, and we have clearly witnessed that with the focus Microsoft and Sony have on motion controls. You can’t blame them for heading that route. Oh, and 3DS with no glasses…yeah Nintendo is once again, ahead of the game.

  • casual gamer

    your statement about the move would be tru if it was not for this evidence, the only thing sony is guilty of is taloring it’s conroller design to look like the wiimote, for all we know ninty saw their ideas and actually stole them as wiimote did not show up until much later

    • neo

      You gotta be joking that video still don’t prove Sony were the ones who came up with it when Nintendo facking did motion on the nes, power glove and the light gun. Facking Sony is the facking bastards who copy every facking thing Nintendo does. Nintendo went online with their Zelda game in japan doing quest, did 3d before any game company, had rumble, joystick, wireless, land r buttons and list goes on. Fack Sony and ms I hope their shit fails epic!