Why You Should Choose an Xbox 360 Classic over An Xbox 360 Slim

The biggest question most gamers had, when Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Slim this past week; was “did they fix the red ring”? Several days ago, some images surfaced the internet, showing a red ring on a new Xbox 360 slim console, and a message prompt on the screen with an over heating warning. Nobody is positive whether those images are real or not, but one thing we should all be aware, is that Microsoft has supported the RROD with an extended 3 year warranty on the classic models, while the new 360 Slim console enters with only a 1 year warranty. Gamers’ best bet, would be to save some cash and troubles, and go out and buy an Xbox 360 arcade instead, and let the new Xbox 360 slim go through trial and error with the eager consumers.

The Xbox 360 Slim was introduced at $299.99, the same price of the Xbox 360 Elite that had a red ring issue. Microsoft has gone all out to fix the ventilation system, make it whisper quite, and provide internal wireless N capability and a 250GB hard drive. But did Microsoft give this console the same 3 year warranty deal that the first Xbox 360 consoles received? Reading through the Xbox 360 S’ warranty page proves that Microsoft is sure that the console will not fail due to a red ring. Obviously, every console will have some defects or issues, but the RROD has been a huge deciding factor for next gen gamers, that having the new Xbox 360 Slim fail for that same reason could have Microsoft in huge trouble.

It is obvious that Microsoft is trying to phase out the Xbox 360 classics because of the amount of money it has cost them with the RROD service and extended warranty. For consumers, whether new to next gen consoles or an avid gamer, an Xbox 360 classic could be the best bang for your buck today. $149.99 for an Xbox 360 Arcade that does everything the new Xbox 360 Slim can do and with a 3 year extended warranty for its known issues (RROD) is a great deal today. $299.99 for an Xbox 360 Slim with a 1 year warranty and unknown issues, sounds questionable today.

Despite the sexiness of the new Xbox 360 Slim, it is too early to tell what existing or new hardware issues the new console may have. For those of us not fortunate to afford a new $299.99 360 Slim, consider yourself fortunate to only spend $149.99 for a red ring, rather than $299.99.

  • Yeah, the reason the new slim won’t red ring is because some worker took the time to take all the little red lights out and replace them with a different color.

  • Yo

    They put one LED right in the middle of power button.
    First it was the Red Ring of Death. Microsoft changed that through a firmware update and then it was called the E74 error. Now it is going to be called the Red Dot of Death. Lol…

  • wtf

    Microsoft is pathetic… One of, if not the most, richest companies in the world and they still want to give faulty and half-assed hardware(XBox 360) and software(Windows).

  • ftw

    That’s what you get when Mexico makes your electronics.

    • aleks

      that’s what you get when your moma jerks you off.

  • Spanky

    NO DICE Im betting MS did everything they could to see to it that this thing does not over heat.

    MS has far more to lose if the new console overheats than anyone of us, it would crush their reputation even further as a Hardware maker and cost them billions, Im guessing the 360s is probably, the most reliable piece of hardware in gaming right now.

    It should also be kept in mind that before the original 360 and even now with other hardware, MS was incredibly adept at making reliable hardware. The first Xbox was a tank, and Microsoft mice, keyboards and other products are rock solid.

  • Spanky

    Oh and I would NOT trust anything you see on the web as far as idiots claiming they got this thing to overheat, its just too many MS haters out there to take those claims seriously just yet.

    How hard would it be to wrap the thing in a towel and plop it in front of a space heater just to get it to error out. Yes people hate MS that much, besides it would be covered under warranty, wouldn’t put such a stunt past a Sony backed individual either.

  • sdfds

    at this point, buying ANY 360 is a questionable decision. go get a damn ps3

  • Spanky

    PS3 is out of the question, missing too many games that some of us must play, also many of us already have a PS3, we just prefer both.

    Besides, owning a PS3 is arguably a riskier indevour since MS replaces 360s with overheating issues for free, the YLOD on PS3 which is actually quite common, is NOT repaired for free.

  • @Spanky You make a good point. They were always very good at replacing defective hardware.

  • Glenn


    Missing too many games? LOL. You mean 360 is missing too many games. I own both consoles but I just had to reply to that asinine comment.

    There have been two games that I’ve been glad I got my 360 for: Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia. Alan Wake was pretty cool though I must admit.

    However for me to list the ps3 exclusives, it would easily surpass the 360 list.. Uncharted alone is worth the price of admission.

  • Yodathe3rd

    @Spanky the ps3 is more risky i don’t know where you are getting that idea from the fail rate of the ps3 is condsideratbly smaller and YLOD can be prevented by letting your ps3 breath and also dust it out and you won’t have any problems.

    • JaeVicious

      Gamers have both systems and fanbois have one system. And bitch about the one they cant afford. To me it comes down to preference. I work 50+ hrs a week and dont have the free time to game, like I used to in college. So I play what I consider fun. Dont have time to force a game on myself. If its not FUN its gets no play….