Vanquish Overlooked at E3. Sleeper Hit Alert

Vanquish was one of those games at E3 2010 that was overlooked by many. Despite the low amount of kiosk displaying the game, Vanquish had a small crowd around the kiosks from time to time. Vanquish was easily one of the most fun games to play at E3 2010, with smooth controls, nice graphics, and a very unique sliding ability that put the game over the top.

Vanquish can be easily overlooked for the fact that the game has similar gameplay as those of Gears of War and Halo, and immediately gets marked as a wanna be type of game, a game that copied existing games. But one should be aware that Vanquish can easily be a huge sleeper hit because of that; Vanquish may seem as another shooter, but playing the game’s demo can easily prove that the game has a unique gamestyle that is tons of fun. Check out some gameplay below.

Although Vanquish didn’t receive any Game of E3 nominations, Vanquish can easily be one of the sleeper hits this year, and surprise many. Vanquish will only be a single player experience, which could prove to be a good decision by Sega. Gives us a good story!

Vanquish is scheduled to release winter 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  • Chance

    (1) You’re right about Vanquish.
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