Kinesiology + Xbox 360 = Kinect

Last night Microsoft finally debuted the highly anticipated Project Natal under it’s now official name Kinect.

While most gamers appear upset at the choice, especially after one year of accepting the name Project Natal, Microsoft’s adroit title seems to follow a certain pattern of synergy that most gaming companies have adapted these days.

Kinesiology is the science of human movement. So it seems fitting choice when realizing that Microsoft is connecting your movement to your console. In essence, your body becomes the controller and you “Kinect” together to achieve great feats.

Of course, Microsoft could have completely different reasoning but it seems unlikely. However, there first Kinect commercial fails to address the hardcore gamers and instead goes right for the jugular of the casual gamer. They obviously want to know what the pulse of mainstream consumers is like.

The commercial features a father apparently driving in a seated position. His family’s joyful facial expressions change when a perceived dangerous obstacle is afoot. The mother and daughter rush to his side interlocking their arms and hands around in mimicking the restraints of a seat belt right before the impact occurs.

The end result is flying confetti and a family “Kinected” together. We see what you did there Microsoft! While hardcore gamer reception has been less than great, Kinect is a success in the fact that it has people talking.

Overall, the marketing is genius. It may not be popular now but it makes sense. It’s not overly complex but clever enough to engage those who are unaware of this new tech.

It’s just too bad Microsoft opted for the Kinect to fade to red at 1:04 of the commercial as that color associated with the Xbox 360 is never a welcome sight.

Check out the first Kinect TV spot below:

  • V8SuperCars

    Kinetic= Fail, leaked price of $149 USD from Gamestop, and $399 bundled. Are they kidding me what is it made out of solid Gold internals? or maybe hand made and sculpture plastic outer? or maybe its the extra power brick you need if you dont have a 360 slim? Im not sure but that would come in at near $250 to $300AUD for the unit alone(no console) are they kidding me? bring on Move were i can enjoy my interactive gaming with a motion control, M$ didnt show off gears of war3, Halo Reach or any top quality games that use Kinect, on Wii they showed that the nunchuck/Wii-mote is more than capable of playing top quality games like Zelda, COD MW, Red Steel, Mario Galaxy2(meta score of 98% wow) Metroid.
    What this show is that the Wii-mote and Upcoming MOVE will be a great product to enjoy wiht the ability to play game like Uncharted 3, Killzone3, Liitle big Planet 2 and so on interactively and still be enjoyable and capable
    Microsoft failed to show any top quality games running on kinect that leads to nothing more that a wasted product that is a fail just like its other camera i brought out that was rubbish an only 1 game supported it.
    PS- LOL at the redlight in the video very fitting hahahahahaha

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    LoL. I can’t disagree with you. Some of the motion stuff got my attention especially that soccer game in Kinect Sports. But the whole thing is I didn’t see anything that can’t be done on the PS Move!!!!

    The dance stuff would thrill my wife but other than that, it was weak attempt to justify that price tag.

    I do like the marketing campaign…unforunately, I don’t trust Microsoft or their gaming products.