How Will Sony Top Microsoft’s Oprah Effect?

Sure, many gamers have been calling Microsoft’s recent Xbox 360 generous giveaway this morning nothing more than a bribe, but does it even matter? This is by far one of the biggest things to happen to gaming, and one of the smartest moves Microsoft could have done this year.

The Oprah effect is exactly what Microsoft did today, back in 2004 Oprah Winfrey gave over 200 brand new cars to her audience, which in return has been a huge success for her show. So, whether people think it was a bribe or not, Microsoft’s generosity was huge, and a proven marketing scheme that is a win win situation for gamers and companies.

So, how will Sony top this generosity? Perhaps Sony’s scheme is different, maybe free MOVE packages? Or maybe Sony had no plans to do what Microsoft did, but you better believe that their plans, may have changed today.

  • Timothy


    • Audience got new Xbox 360’s.

  • Dion

    Stupid. Fanboy. Site. TQCast – the only gaming site blind.

  • sdfds

    who ever wrote this is fucking stupid, look at n4g, does it look like journalists are going soft?

  • wicko

    “This is by far one of the biggest things to happen to gaming”

    Journalists getting free shit = biggest thing to happen to gaming? haha, wow.

  • Cortney

    Really this is the biggest thing taking place……are you serious? They gave away hardware to everyone at the joint, but I really dont think that saved the lackluster show they put on this year.

    Just my two cents

    • I agree show was ok, not as many games as expected, but that xbox is nice. Also, Sony will come through, they have tons of people attending the Sony conference that are not journalist, so I bet they will reward as well.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Sony doesn’t need to top anything. Stupid people like the writer for this site need to stop buying Microsofts shit (or the crap they give away) and realize who really cares about the gamers and who really is just interested in hype and cashing in on fads. PS3 is now officially the only console left for the real gamer.

    • lol..

    • Zac

      Or the PC… just saying… $4000 bucks is all it takes for infinite bragging rights and a pompous attitude complete with entitlement issues.

  • journalism=joke

    THIS is why game journalism is a joke!. One day everybody hated kenect and thought it was the biggest pile of s##@# to hit gaming (and rightfully so).. The next day microsoft makes an even BIGGER A#$ out of them selfs and throws out a bunch of games for it that would make wii shovelware look like a hardcore m rated game by comparison (did you see that f@#$ dance game???). Then at the end of the bullshi..i mean conference microsoft gives them free xbox 360’s. Now can you guess what happens??? yeah they acted like that steaming pile of s#$@ was the greatest thing ever. I dont even know what else to say after that….O yeah, im selling my 360 and sticking with my ps3…With move sony is supporting harcore gamers (They said so)…Kiss my a@# microsoft!. Thank you sony. Im not a fanboy im just a fan of good games and gameplay.

    And im sick of imprecise, unrealistic last gen controllers like the dueshock 3 and and xbox 360 controller so move is my last hope as a hardcore gamer.

    • Zac

      Your arguement is dumb… Kind of. I agree with most of the things you said, like Natal… Kinect, being shit, but I don’t think that journalist instantly looked past that due to a free system, one look at n4g shows you all the seething hatred for it. Also, if you’re bitching about controlers like the dual shock and 360 controller, yet calling yourself a hardcore gamer, I’ve got some bad news for you. Either you don’t know what one is, or you’re stupidly in love with the idea of motion controls which is universally panned by the hardcore, OR you have yet to experience the greatness of a mouse and keyboard. Lastly I would like to say that Harmonix’s dance game kicked serious ass and was litterally the highlight of that show. There is no joke here.

  • Commodore

    You suck….quit trying to sugar coat sh!t.

    That press conference sucked. SONY will show them how it’s done.

  • journalism=joke

    And just in case your so lazy that you just read the 1st line of what i wrote. I meant journalists were a joke because they are so easy bought out by game and hardware dev’s

  • WHOA…there’s a lot of jokesters in here. Once again, here’s another post where people scream fanboy stuff. You hate the article great. Don’t get personal.

    I give Microsoft absolutely no credit here. So they gave a few people new consoles.

    1) They will probably still red ring.
    2) Sony has been giving me free online gaming for the last few years so they don’t owe us anything. Microsoft is obviously on the ropes here. This console just reeks of desperation.

  • journalism=joke

    And im 100% behind sony and the ps-move (the ps3’s next gen controller.). Its clear that microsoft is ONLY going after the kiddy and grandmother crowd with natal and besides you need some kind of hand held next gen controller (like move) for hardcore games. And like i said im sick of imprecise, unrealistic last gen controllers like the with xbox 360 controller. So, sony, PLEASE give me a reason as a hardcore gamer to stick with gaming…your my ONLY hope.

    • Zac

      Looky looky, another one of your posts, how did I miss this one? Ahhh well, no need to repeat myself on the fact that you’re stupid for thinking that you’re hardcore (since when did the core gamers threaten to leave gaming… must have missed that memo). So I’ll just try my hand at some bunny art, since that is far more a better use of time.

      () ()
      ( o )

  • Zac

    Does Sony really need to 1 up Microsoft on that front. I mean, only press and media guys got 360s since those are the only ones at E3. These are people who, due to their jobs, will most likely purchase one anyway sooooooo…
    To be honest all Sony needs to do is treat their press conference audience like they are adults. So don’t try try to be Microsoft with all the pomp and WELL BAM style antics and “Demonstrations” of Kinect, and NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING like Ubisoft, unless you got Joel to host cause that would be cool, and just show us core games and with a small section devoted to Move and how it will help existing genres and how it will not make me feel like I’m in a Japanese game show.
    I swear, Kinect only grabbed my attention when the voice control worked flawlessly, I’ll admit that was cool, everything else was pointless… E3 is the one time the hardcore gets to be at the forefront, but now even this is being invaded by the casual. I realize this is an expo for Electronic Entertainment, but when 99% of the attendees are press catering to the hardcore, does it not make business sense to cater to that audience, if only for a week? I mean, Wii style shovel ware sells like hot cakes with no marketing anyway. Just look at Ubi’s Just Dance, the game that proved if it looks like Hannah Montana designed the cover it will sell. So before I continue to rant I’ll stop here.

  • V8SuperCars

    “How Will Sony Top Microsoft’s Oprah Effect?”
    Easy turn up and do nothing, its gotta be better than making an ass out of yourself like M$ did.
    While i admire the give away of the new console it doesn’t cover up the fact that it was a failed show and Kinect was an epic fail that everyone has been doing on the PS2/3 and Wii for the last 5years or longer with the wii balance board, wii-mote, Wii camera(included in fitness game) and eyetoy.
    Sony should be killing the show if they show Premium and or upgraded PSN features, new games, awesome 3D games, Move games, full list of Move features and ice the cake with GT5 Release date. Do that and M$ need to be giving out 100 free 360 to each person who showed up, if you check N4G the free console has not worked on the media with reports that Kinect sucks and M$ failed badly.
    OH and if the 70million odd selling Wii shows off a HD version of the Wii with full online, its game over for both M$ and Sony IMO as next gen will totally be dominated by Nintendo as it already has this gen even without HD and fancy online features.
    Bring on the next 2 shows.

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      Wii HD would be scary but I still think it would leave a niche to be filled. There’s just not enough appeal for me and gamers like me on the console. I love Mario and maybe Zelda. But…that’s just not enough. They’ve brought little new stuff to the table really. I’m really disappointed in the Wii and that’s why I can’t support them at the moment. I would like them to show me some new properties this year. I want a new game with a new character who will capture our hearts. Maybe somebody a loveable Anti-Hero.

      That said…all Sony needs to do is give me a release date for the new 500 GB PS3 bundled with the PS Move so I can give my old one to my father. After that show me the release games for PS Move in a video and let us download the individual trailers from PSN or go watch them in HOME.

      After that, giving us the official launch date and price of PS Move, get on with the big dawgs. Show us all the heavy hitters coming out.

      Once that’s done…introduce the PSP2 and tell everybody that not only will it be $200, but it will remotely play EVERY SINGLE PS3 game that comes out from now on. Maybe not the mutliplayer…just single player stuff. Added to that…all PSP2 specific games will feature the trophy system and full XMB support.

      Oh…did I say XMB support. That’s when they tell everybody that the PS3 Eye will be used to control the new and improved XMB. They show us…we all cry because it’s ingenious and Cliffy B will try to attack Kevin Butler on stage with his fake Gears of War gun. However, KB will stomp a mudhole in him, then pin a note that says…Xbox 360 Kinect with an arrow point to Cliffy’s ass. KB’s boot ——> Cliffy B’s rump.

      End scene.

  • john

    PAH!! Sony dont need to do SHIT!! They have already done it by putting out a PS3!! That new 3shitty looks like a wannabe PS3 HAhahahah sooooo pathetic!! How many bloody versions have they got now, if u look at the very 1st 3shitty its SO SHITE and all u wankers were going on about how great it was, Pathetic!

  • DevilDogA99

    Um, not a big deal giving them away cause they still have the Red Ring of Death prob & Sony dosnt havt to do much to tops even if they need to cause there’s is no compation this yr. For Sony to crush though all we want is cheap Move, voice MSG, & PS2 games sold on the PSN store. If they do that console war over

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