Gran Turismo 5 “Most Anticipated Game of The Decade” Says Sony. Really?

It is hard to believe that after years of development and teasing, Sony comes out and calls Gran Turismo 5 the “Most Anticipated Game of the Decade”. While most may disagree that it’s not, many new gamers may not even know or remember what Gran Turismo is.

The Gran Turismo series was first introduced in 1997 on the PlayStation. The game quickly became one of Sony’s heavy hitters, and has been one of the most recognizable titles for the PlayStation. 13 years and over 12 variation of the game later, Sony is set to unveil details on ‘Gran Turismo 5’ for the PlayStation 3 at this year’s E3. Sony has gone as far as stating that Gran Turismo 5 is the most anticipated game of the decade on the PlayStation site. “Announcements about most anticipated games of the decade (cough GT5 cough)” is what is posted on their latest E3 2010 preview.

While this might get Gran Turimso fans exited, Sony must realize that today’s PS3 fan base has changed dramatically. Yes, GT5 will be a great game, heck years of development and teasing, it better be good– but today’s PS3 gamer has forgotten or doesn’t even know what Gran Turismo is all about. Today’s PS3 crowd would be more exited for a new Uncharted, God of War, or a Heavy Rain.

Looking back at what the Gran Turismo series has done for Sony, it makes sense why Sony would really promote GT5 as being the most anticipated game, but GT5 will have to be a mind blowing and revolutionary game or come packed with Uncharted 3, Heavy Rain 2, and God of War 4 if they plan on exciting the new PS3 gamers.

  • facepalm

    Each GT game has sold over 10 million copies. GT5:Prolouge has sold over 4 million copies. Yes, a demo of GT5 has sold 4 MILLION COPIES. GT5 will easily break the 10-mill mark. Therefore making it one of the most anticipiated games of the decade.

  • Dion

    Lol, the knowledge of some gaming sites annoys me. Gran Turismo is the biggest exclusive PlayStation franchise, and here’s an article saying that it’s not. Sigh, noobs these days.

    Go home, Xbox site.

  • Feiwong

    Are you kidding ? GT not famous ? not as famous as Uncharted 2 ?

    This is the most stupid thing that i heard in my life.

    If there is one game that all the videogame industry and car industry is waiting, it’s clearly GT 5, Gran turismo is more famous than any other franchise, even more that Halo, Gears, Uncharted or God of war.

  • me

    IT WILL be the biggest game sony will release this year, i’ll be trading in my kids WII+games (collecting dust) for GT5, maybe sony should bundle eye drops with the game too, cause i’m going to spend sleepless nights playing this

  • Red

    Ugh, once again gamers miss the point. It is not about being a huge franchise, or how many copies the demo sold, it is about anticipation. The fact is that the anticipation level for GT5 has weened well off over the years, and this is simply due to the fact that they have teased us with bits and pieces of this game for 5 years now. There is a point where anticipation turns to “please just release it already”, and we are well beyond that point by now. Anticipation has as much to do with the climate the game creates as it does anything else, and the freshness of the announcement of a game like a new Twisted Metal would easily eclipse GT5 as far as anticipation goes.

    Any company in charge of a huge franchise could tease you with it for 5 years and then call it the most anticipated game of the decade, only because the volume of the anticipation would have had so long to accumulate. As a huge GT fan, I honestly do not want to see any more videos or hear any more opinions, I just want them to release the damn game and shut their mouths.

    The two commenters on top of me serve as good examples of how brain dead most gamers are. Stop thinking in terms of million sales and franchise exclusivity, and start thinking about how these things directly effect gamers. The more you buy into these corporate mantras, the more easily these huge corporate entities will screw you over. You know, like taking five years to tweak a racing game, while trying to profit from it at the same time.

  • Killerdude

    “…many new gamers may not even know or remember what Gran Turismo is.”

    This is ridiculous! If you don’t konw or remember what Gran Turismo is, you’re not a gamer.

  • Enkeixpress

    Any gamer knows what Gran Turismo is..

  • Texan

    Are you stupid I’m in my 20’s and me and my friends have always liked GT. For you to say ps3 owners won’t be into this game is fucking retarded. If you don’t like GT that’s all good but don’t try and speak for all ps3 owners. My friends and I bought GT5 prolonged and will be buying GT 5.

  • I agree with Sony here. I do think it’s the most GENUINELY anticipated game in a LONG time. I’m getting sick of these Sony bashers on the web acting like GT5 is the longest game ever in development and because of that no one wants the game anymore. First, it’s a bit pompous of you tools to try and speak for everyone, and secondly, 5 years is not an incredibly long time for a game to be in development.

    Especially considering the VAST amount of content in the game. I mean seriously, GT5 content wise, and possibly even data space wise, is going to be the biggest video game ever made. And all that content has to be skinned in high resolution textures and graphics, and it all has to be rendered in 1080p resolution which is doublt the work and doublt the data space of a game in 720p resolution. And it’s all running at 60fps. It’s so huge I wouldn’t be surprised is Sony breaks out the first 100 Gb Blu-Ray discs for a game for GT5.

    And there have been MANY other game that aren’t even CLOSE to GT5 graphically, and not even in the same GALAXY content wise, that have taken 5 years to make. Hell…..ALAN WAKE took 5 years to make, LOLOLOL. FF13 was over 5 years. There have been MANY others as well. Saying you are suddenly not interested in a game because it’s been in development for 5 years is idiotic.

    And I say “genuinely” anricipated, because while GT5 won’t get the sales of Halo 3 or MW2, I feel the anticipation for those games is a bit…….manufactured almost. First the media hypes them up and rams them down our throats when they aren’t even that great of games. Good, but not GREAT. In Halo’s case, it’s really one of 360’s only HUGE exclusive games along with Gears. What else are 360 gamers going to buy? You almost HAVE to buy Halo 3 if you own a 360. Every 360 owner I know owns Halo 3. And I’d bet over half of the working 360 owners across the world own Halo 3. It’s almost manufactured anticipation because what else do they have.

    And as for MW2……well…I don’t get it. I can’t believe how many idiots baught that game. I guess making a game that’s completely unbalanced, unrealistic (when it’s supposed to be realistic), so easy it almost literally plays itself, and the most big/glitch/exploit filled online FPS of all time, appeals to the lowest common denominator. I guess that’s what the majority of FPS gamers want. Obviously a TON of gamers, at least like 16 million, have absolutely no standards. I’m not one of them. I’ll stick with CounterStrike, Battlefield Bad Company and Killzone 2 thank you very much.

  • Dirk

    With GT 5 Prologue having sold 4+ million copies I don’t think people will have a problem recognizing GT 5 when it FINALLY arrives.

  • Johnnyboy


    Are you crazy!?

    (@ Article author)

  • Navin

    Ha ha ha!! Whoever wrote this article is a dumbass! Uncharted, God of War, etc are excellent games, no doubt! But you’re talking about GRAN TURISMO! Since the day GT1 hit store shelves it has been the undisputed king of console racers….as a matter of fact, it’s the best simulation racing game ever made! No one can dispute that fact. You think gamers have moved on? Do you know what makes a GT game great? It’s the developers passion and strife for excellence! When a GT game comes out, it’s the best game possible at that time. If they take 5yrs to make it, fans can be certain when they purchase their copy, they’ll definitely get way more than they expected. People who complain about it’s long development cycle, just take a look at what you’re getting, 1000 cars, 60 plus tracks, GTTV, Nascar, Rally, etc. Name one game that comes close to offering all that value! Mr. Desz, congratulations…this is officially the DUMBEST ARTICLE EVER!!!!

  • V8SuperCars

    Yeah unfortunately i have to disagree with the artical, GT5 is so hot right now and IMO by far the most anticipated game, every last screenshot causes a huge stir, Its Sonys number 1 gun, its always been, it broken all sorts of records, infact its the biggest selling game per releases for Sony, its taken Final Fantasy approx 11 game (it think or something close) to sell what GT did with just 3 games and a Demo,
    Make no mistake GT5 is the most anticipated game around and is up for the best racer ever made and oh me, oh my does this game look awesome 1080p eye candy at its best.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    While I can definitely tell you that Desz is not a Xbox fanboy or other things as some of you disrespectfully put it, I can say that I disagree with the article.

    I’m not a huge racing phone but I will tell you even I bought Gran Turismo for my PSP in anticipation of GT5. I wanted to drive my real car in the game and max it out.

    I wanted to prep for the actual release. Over the last few years, every time GT5 was mentioned, it generated huge amounts of buzz rather it was because it was missing Porsches or they decided to push it back. It’s one of the only games that has retained the fervor while still continuously delaying the release date.

    I am pumped and I can tell you…if there’s any game I’m buying when it releases for the next two years, Gran Turismo 5 will be it.

  • illson

    Yea, surprising. The Gran Turismo franchise has been one of, if not, “the” best game franchise to hit consoles. I made the decision to buy a PS3 2 years ago on the anticipation that this game’s release would be right around the corner.

  • illson

    Looks like I submitted too early…. to continue… despite the countless delays in release dates and despite the fact that I haven’t used my PS3 in months for anything outside of streaming media (the last game I spent my time playing was killzone2), this will be
    a game I buy the day of release and have already made plans to pre-purchase.

    if this doesn’t refute the author’s argument then I don’t know what does. The last game I purchased for my PS3 was Street Fighter IV, over 1.5 yrs ago (don’t ask me why I did). This game is going to bring my analog sticks and potentially a gt force steering wheel out of retirement, so I wholeheartedly agree with Sony that this will be the most anticipated game of the decade, and for me, period.

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