Will Sony’s E3 Conference Be in 3-D?

Sony has announced anticipated games and several exclusive game trailers such as Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 just days before what many are considering the the biggest E3 yet. Many have questioned the reason for Sony’s early announcements, while others anticipate the 3-D conference possibilities.

Sony has been aggressively promoting 3-D in 2010, and video games have been a huge part of the 3-D movement for Sony. Earlier this week, Sony made 4 3-D ready games available via the PSN and made their brand new Sony Bravia 3D LCD TVs readily available for pre-order.

This year, Sony has decided to release trailers, and announce games prior to their E3 conference, leaving gamers wondering what Sony may have left in their E3 hat.

Sony’s 3-D business vision has to spread to gamers, media enthusiast, but most importantly to the general public if they plan on making 3-D the way of future–and what better way to promote it, than a LIVE 3-D press conference showcasing the games that have been revealed before E3, but in 3-D.

Do you think Sony will go 3-D for E3?