CliffyB and Aaron Greenberg Are Marketing Gurus

With just days away from E3, CliffyB and Aaron Greenberg have been making head line gaming news relating to what some may call ‘negative’ comments on the competition or fake shots at video game developers and journalism. What many people may be forgetting, is that these gentleman get paid to be on the spotlight, they get paid to be cocky and controversial. CliffyB and Arron Greenberg know how to play the game.

Gaming sites go in a frenzy after reading that Xbox Product Manager Aaron Greenberg claimed that Halo 3 sold more copies than 4 or 5 Sony exclusive’s put together.. Who cares??? Greenberg won that argument by ending up in gaming news headlines. Aaron Greenberg wants his face in sites, blogs and forums before E3, he wants to be recognized, he does it for his brand.

Same goes for CliffyB Epic Games Design Director. Let’s see; promoting a new Gears of War game, Epic’s recent Gears of War 2 6x XP for playing online to get people hyped up for Gears 3, CliffyB on gaming headline news–yeah, Epic is doing everything right by putting their main guy in the public right before E3.

CliffyB and Arron Greenberg may get tons of criticism, but these guys know marketing, and know when and how to use it when needed most.

  • John Lock

    No they’re just both dick heads, and the whole bloody Gears of War series is a pile of dog shit.

  • o0RECON0o

    They are dickheads for pointing out hard facts?!?! Your an F’ing RETARD!