PSN Down, What Would You Like To See When Back Up?

Now that the PSN is currently down for 12 hours, what would gamers like to see when it is back up?
Speculations been hitting the net, some stating that the PSN downtime is just a PS Move support update, while others stating that this is none other than the much anticipated PSN premium or firmware 3.40 update.

Let’s be realist, would Sony really unveil something huge before E3? Heck, Sony has already revealed games that many believed would be specifically for E3, so don’t be surprise if a new PSN or XMB gets unveiled later today.

Perhaps the new from the ground up xmb?

New Invite System?

Home Improvements?

What would you like to see when the PSN wakes up?

  • xino

    well I really don’t see the point, this kind of article should be posted in a forum, so people will discuss their ideas that will likely will not come true.

  • I believe it will be number 1 XMB, how do I know you ask? Well let’s just say I know things. lol…hope you guys like it!

  • Steven

    Are you serious? Xbox Live is never down!

  • Diago

    @ Steven

    Tha is because Xboxlive! doesn’t progress, yet MS still demands money to make use of you OWN internet playing online games.
    Not even Dedicated servers no, P2P connections for Money lol.

    You kids are getting shafted, not even knowing…

  • Chris

    XBL goes down as much, if not MORE than the PSN Steven. You might not have noticed it but it has. In one game of Splinter Cell Conviction, I timed out 4 times and got disconnected.

    As far as those pics go, where the hell did you get those?! They are AMAZING!!! The prototype PSN pics. They are incredible!!!

  • Nick

    As a Canadian resident, I am hoping for a video store. LOL

  • Jesse45

    isn’t it just down for a regular maintenance check?

    psn- jesse45

    note: my hdd got corrupted and i had to reboot today -.-

  • DevilDogA99

    Voice MSG , PS2 games on PSN store, faster more reliable PSN, & ya I guess new XMB