Is 3-D Gaming Bad For You Eyes?

With 3-D Blu-Rays and 3-D video games preparing to make their way into homes, what health risks can we face with this technology?

3D has been around for quite some time now, but never publicly marketed the way it is today and never enhanced the way it is with today’s technology. Health issues may have never surfaced due to the minimal amount of 3-D content available to the public until today. But just like everything else in the planet, it is bound to affect you right?

It is the year 2010, 3-D will make its mark in gaming and movies this year and many will go out and purchase a new state of the art 3-D ready TV without even considering health issues.

Wyoming News reported that many Eye Doctors argue that repeatedly asking our eyes and brains to go against their normal function has short-term effects. This can cause long-term effect on small children whose vision systems are still in development.

Others have different theories, such as Dr. Dan Perala from ‘A New Concept Optical’. Perala states that the worst-case scenario with 3-D is some irritation or tired eyes. The sensation is similar to the adjustment that comes with a new set of eyeglasses.

Perala also stated, that he hasn’t heard any concerns or questions from patients, but that could change as more 3-D movies come out and move people line up to see them.

Eye Doctors now a day may not have answers just yet. 3-D is just starting to hit homes, and perhaps that is the reason why it never developed in to anything bigger in the past. We alter our vision every day, whether you wear sunglasses or prescription glasses, the eyes are always busy. Many people report that they get headaches from watching just one movie in 3-D. Now, just imagine playing a few hours a day of video games in 3-D?

Let’s just hope that vision cases due to 3-D movies or games don’t start surfacing to the public anytime soon; because if they do, the 3-D technology may never take off the way it was intended.

  • Many people will get headaches, but it’s something new, you have to get used to it, some people will experience it longer and some won’t get it at all.

    We just have to allow ourselves to adjust, it’s something new.

    And as mentioned, we introduce ourselves to many changes and unnatural things that pose little to no physical risk.

    3D just gets bad press and a bad market image due to pre-conceptions and past experiences; plus the myths like displays that are more expensive because of 3D or that you’ll be forced to use 3D all the time.

    A quality passive or active form of 3D will be fine for most people after a movie or two, or a few sessions of gaming.

  • Reigen

    funny how a lot of people confuse this new HD “seperate screen” 3d tehnology with the old IMAX
    you should experience the tech 1st hand before jumping into conclusions