Xbox Live 2 Year Subscription for $60

Dell Home is offering Xbox points, 1-year Xbox Live subscription and Wii remote w/ Motion Plus. Free shipping on orders over $49. You can now get 2 years of Xbox live for the price of one year.

* One year of Xbox Live Subscription $30
* Xbox Live 4000 Points $37
* Wii Remote w/ Motion Plus $35

  • Tim Larkin

    Good deals. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • ps-move

    who cares im getting a ps3 and a ps-move and navigator controller because i like mature games that use next gen controllers with realistic/precise control. natal is going to be aim at kids and grandmothers just like to wii. And besides natal wont be able to do everything the ps-move/eye/navigator combo can do anyway. Ps-move is truly going to change gaming for the better and open up peoples eyes to what a next gen controller can truly do given the right graphics and cpu to back it up. Natal will just be a $150 baby sitter for children.

    • Really?

      Congratulations! You’ve earned yourself your very own “Retarded Fanboy” badge. Really? Gaming is always going to be looked upon as childish, until people like you can see that both systems have something to offer. Grow up.

    • next-gen-control

      I couldn’t agree with you more. It looks like microsoft and the xbox 360 is going to be for lazy people who seem to love last gen controllers and the casual crowd while the ps3 is going to move game control forward for mature titles for adults.

      That doesn’t make you a fanboy, that is just you stating what looks to be happening. Lets just hope that Microsoft releases a next gen controller for their camera and doesn’t just stick with their last gen controller and the camera.

      Because once gamers and dev’s TRULY realize what a hand held next-gen-controller (like the ps-move) can REALLY do for gaming, then playing playing games on a last-gen- controller (like the 360 pad or the duelshock 3) will fill as outdated as playing a game today on an Super Nintendo pad. and it will take the power of the ps3 and not the wii to show gamers and dev’s that, because Microsoft only choose to ONLY go with a camera and not with a hand held next gen controller.

      Now am i a “fanboy” for saying that? No. Why? because i used logic and facts to back up what i said. Hope you guys see that but i know you wont.

      • Really?

        First of all, there were no “facts” in there at all. Just opinions. Second, how is the Playstation Move THAT different from the Wiimote? It isn’t, other than different button labels, and a pretty glowing ball at the top. And how is Microsoft going to be for lazy, “last-gen” controller lovers? If anything, Microsoft’s Natal is going to require more activity and motion than the Move.

        I would wager that Natal is going to surpass Move, simply because of it’s capabilities. Natal has the ability to automatically scan real world objects, has facial and voice recognition, and, frankly I can’t think of a more “next-gen” controller than the human body. Try not to be so condescending. It’s really unbecoming.

  • ps-move

    last-gen controllers (like the xbox pad and the duelshock 3) are outdated and are only good for racing games (if you dont use a pro. wheel like a fantec that is) and 2d platformers.

  • Leandro

    Wtf… where in the news are something about Move, Natal or Ps3? Man, grow up… get a girl and act as a real man.

    Btw, thanx for the heads up.

  • Smokey

    LMFAO at this wanna be cool kid hiding behind a cpu screen. Get a life and a girl BOY.

    • bill

      Lol. I could say the same about you. After all, YOUR the one acting like a big shot and calling him a boy while your hide safe behind your little cpu screen. All he was trying to do was say why he was buying a ps3 over an xbox. Did that hurt your fillings like boy? then grow-up..and may take your own advice and get a girl (if your in girls) then get all upset over a message on a message boards, because your the one that is making yourself look foolish.

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      Oh man. Can’t we all just get along?

      • renegade

        Lol. This coming from the dude that started sh** with readers on his own biased Alan Wake news article.

        • DanielG

          That was uncalled for dude…

        • gofyourself

          TheL1T1G4T0R is a person that just happens to not like Alan Wake. Big deal. Renegade is a harry twat that has a chip on her shoulder over a videogame and made herself look like a jackass on the internet.

          • Whoa…I love Alan Wake. I gave it a 4 out of 5.

            Unforunately Renegade is too slow to understand that I was addressing the fact that people who own the 360 won’t buy the game.

            Now the game is out and the facts support what we’ve been claiming all along. I thought it would sell way better than this but then again, with people like Renegade running about, I should take lack of intellgience into the equation.

  • Really now.

    What the hell is a “CPU Screen”?