One Thing Sony & Microsoft Can Do To Win E3

Sony and Microsoft are the main focus for E3 2010, and both companies know it. Video games, hardware and enhancements are sure to be shown from both sides this E3, but if both had only one thing to show at E3 2010 that would win it all, what would it be?


Without question, an Xbox 360 remodel announcement.

Announcing a new and low cost Xbox 360 model this E3 would be a huge and positive shift for Microsoft. A new model would show stability, faith in the console, but most importantly; a secured future for all Xbox 360 gamers. Permanently fixing the red ring issues alone, would be the biggest news all year.


Super PSN Announcement

It’s difficult to name one thing for Sony, they have a huge momentum, and recent announcements have confused many on why they didn’t hold off till E3. There is no question that Sony has something up their sleeve, but a new supped-up PSN announcement would be the biggest thing Sony can do. Movies, Games, TV Recorder, video game capture, Media Services, cloud computing, and yes cross media chat, and everything else PSN related that gamers have asked for, would be the icing on Sony’s cake. Sony can win E3 with an unveiling of what the PSN is capable of doing, across everything Sony branded.

That’s it, only one thing from each side. Your turn community. What is what one thing Sony and Microsoft can do to win E3? But try to list only one thing from each side.

  • blackskimmer

    1)MS needs to get their ass back into first party publishing again. Revamp MS game studious. Simply put without a party of awesome exclusives there is little or no reason to hang onto my 360. Even Halo Reach is now being dev’d by a 3rd party studio. Both SONY and Nintendo have this, MS is sorry lacking here and its going to cost them. Sadly MS is focused hard on the casual market and will ignore everything but this E3. Problem is they dont have the 1st party muscle to support Natal, like Nintendo does.

    1)SONY-Small price drop, revamped PSN experience and hardcore game support of MOVE. Other then that SONY should focus on making a PSP2 however I want to take my PSN games on the go. Make the PSP2 do that and it will be a show stopper.

  • sdfds

    why the fuck is everyone hoping for psn+? wouldnt a free update be better?