Alan Wake is GOTY Quality. 360 Gamers Don’t Know it

Alan Wake which had been in development for over 5 years is being overlooked by many gamers all around. Despite the usual fail of games in long development, Alan Wake is the reason to buy An Xbox 360 if you haven’t done so already. It is too bad that most existing 360 gamers, don’t know how good Alan Wake really is..

Alan Wake sold 267,000 in its first two weeks of release according to VGchartz, and while that is an OK number, it is disappointing to see a unique and exclusive Xbox 360 game go unappreciated.  Let’s take a look at games such as Gears of War, Halo, Mass Effect, and Modern warfare (360) all selling in the millions at first week of release.

Why is it that Alan Wake is getting the back seat? Red Dead Redemption is clearly a reason why some may have skipped Alan Wake, and let’s be honest the Red Dead Redemption marketing was a bit too powerful to compete against the non-existing marketing of Alan Wake. But, is that what it was—lack of marketing?  Hard to believe this is the case, Alan Wake is simply not targeted for Xbox 360 gamers.

Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty type of games are what 360 gamers want. Sometimes it’s good to step outside of the box and explore new games. It’s hard to believe that 360 gamers are not jumping on a unique exclusive game offered for their console.  Alan Wake is simply amazing, and an experience that even PS3 exclusive gamers would be jealous of. Games like Alan Wake are one of a kind and hopefully the Xbox 360 crowd “Wakes Up”.

TQcast Alan Wake Video Review coming soon..

  • MD

    The author is trying to put all Xbox 360 gamers into a single category who only enjoy shooters? Maybe I am not sold Alan Wake as a game, maybe I am choosing not to buy it since they dropped the PC? While I agree that the numbers are low, the reasonings you supply are unintelligent.

    • HAHAHA

      I agree totally… This is a horrible article… Clearly written by someone who doesnt buy 360 games…

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      You lack common sense. To prove it, list the games you’ve spent the most time playing the last six months.

      I figure you probably spent more than 75% of your time playing some type of shooter on the Xbox 360. I could be wrong but the sales charts and even Xbox Live’s stats prove it.

      As far as calling somebody unintelligent, it takes somebody with little intellect or possibly no comprehension ability to completely miss rationality.

      I don’t care if you’re the President, you respect people and their opinions. If you choose to disagree…that’s fine. But make sure you choose the right diction next time or else come off look like a douche bag.

  • Someone

    As “unintelligent” as it may seem, they’re actually starting to hold true, MD. If you look at VGChartz and see which 360 games sales lean more towards just shooting in general w/ online MP such as the games he listed. Alan Wake is more narrative-based shooter that has no MP. In all honesty, I have no idea whatsoever why’d you call his reasons unintelligent since they’re blatantly obvious.

  • Tim Larkin

    Survival horror games do not sell as well as other genres.

    The original Resident Evil became a phenomenon because it was innovative. But, many think that it was only due to the genre. I loved RE, but I never liked the horror elements.

    If Alan Wake was exclusive to Sony, it may have sold better on PS3. The way Sony fanboys gushed over the interactive DVD that is Heavy Rain, they would gush over anything. I guarantee that Heavy Rain would not have sold as well if it were 360 exclusive.

    Heavy Rain was unduly given GOTY praise because the press has a very hard time criticizing Sony exclusives.

    • HAHAHA

      Heavy Rain sold horrible in its first month..

  • Siggy

    Once I get my hands on more cash I’m picking up Alan Wake. I must add that Red Dead Redemption is a definite GOTY nominee, it deserves to be number 1 on the charts, great single player campaign. Alan Wake should have been released earlier , perhaps then it would have sold more.

  • D

    You like a game and you think everyone should like it as much as you, so you write an article about how gamers don’t know your opinions are facts.

    • omnilaw

      Well said!

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      What the hell did you just say? I understood the first part, but I’m guessing English is not your primary language based on the second part.

      If you meant “his opinions are valid” or perhaps “don’t know that this game is better than the rest.” I can understand typos but wow man.

      And omnilaw… “Well said” eh?


      I’m not sure what you meant to say but I will refute your argument with a simple the facts and statistics support this article…not your opinion.

  • I don’t believe the reason for gamers not picking up Alan Wake was due to xbox 360 gamers loving shooters. I truly believe this game is not getting love because Microsoft did not advertise as heavy as RDR. Overall the game was overshadowed by Red Dead Demption. The game will start to pick up once the gamers realize how good and word of mouth. I am on level 6 and this game has had me hooked. Xbox 360 gamers go pick this game up and support it. It is truly one of the better games out this year. Here is hoping they continue this series. Codos to remedy.

  • Sometime gamers get stuck in a certain type of game and they miss out on other games. Surprising MS did not pup out ads for Alan Wake like they normally do. Guess Natal is taking up to much of their time

  • kain

    What a worthless article the game didnt do any good because it was leaked on torrents from may 5 ,second it is too monotonus and spoiler its a rewind story nice for 5 years of development you dont want to show that a next alan wake will be one of the same again well in 5 years from now another haunted wood with xtreme hd graphics then on xbox 720 or ps4.People in a silent hill make over need a closure for once thanks but there are other games better than alan.Also tremendous hype that didnt do any good for the game.Good luck with natal!!!

    • TheL1T1G4T0R


  • Spanky

    When you consider that AW went directly up against the more advertised Red Dead, the fact that MS hardly marketed AW at all, and the fact that the last couple years reviewers have been far more critical of 360 exclusives and thus scoring them lower, its no wonder sales have been low.

    I think articles like this however is just what the game needs. When games like lil big planet, and killzone2 started off selling slow, the media came out and begged people to buy them, that never happens with 360 exclusives, its good to see a 360 exclusive supportive article for a change.

    • Completely agree 100% Spankey. Good job TQ!

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      Points don’t have to be grammatically correct and I can understand the slip ups since there is no edit button. I make more mistakes than most.

      Now on this post…I can say “Well said.”

      Maybe you guys who disagree with the article can give us concrete facts instead of fanboyism to prove the author wrong. I would really like to see those.