PS3 Shortages Causing Price Increases

Amazon has recently listed the 120GB PS3 slim that normally goes for the standard price of $299.99 for a whopping $364.53. At first we thought this was some sort of mistake, but checking other retailer’s stock, it is obvious that Amazon is clearly banking on the shortages and making the standard PS3 a rare item, by listing it for almost $70 more than the normal price. It’s rare like Mr. Clean with hair…

Anything under $369.99 at Walmart is sold out..
Best Buy has refurbish systems, but standard PS3 Slim is sold out.
All PS3 Slim models sold out at Gamestop

  • Mark

    What BS, both my local Best Buy and Fry’s have loads of em.

  • Siggy

    I think Sony is getting rid of the older slims for new ones that use less power and are more quieter plus the new ones come with HDMI. I also hear there’s going to be a price cut during E3.