HDMI Cable Finally Included in a PS3 Bundle

***Update*** Bundle now available for pre-order from Amazon.
Just bought a PS3? Wondered why the graphics don’t look as good as the commercials or websites? Don’t worry, it’s just the analog composite cable that you are using on your $300 PS3. Since the release of the PS3, complaints regarding the lack of an HDMI cable included in the package have been constant. But today, a cell phone cam captures what appears to be the long awaited….HDMI cable included on a PS3 package! Yes indeed, a PlayStationlifestyle tipster has sent them over a pair of images being blessed by a 250GB PS3 bundle that includes a HDMI cable. check out the images below.

  • TigerClaw

    Very cool, But what if the PS3 will cost more cause of the included HDMI cable?

  • ochoas08

    I bet this was gonna be announced at E3!..lmao……

  • V8SuperCars

    Good to see it included now, Sony harp on about how its the true Next gen experience and then put in some dodgy 10year old cable in, HDMI is now 5years or older and is the standard for TVs, good to see the brand who first release an amp with 7HDMI ports and push HDMI in its TV rang have woken up.
    And LOL ochoas, but if that was the case i would be very worried about what to expect from sony from E3, lets hope thats not one of there big surprises LMAO 🙂