The Neat PS3 Setup with TwistDock

If you are like me, you might appreciate coming home to a PS3 setup that looks neat, stylish and sexy. The TwistDock offers just that. TwistDock– docks your PS3 while keeping your PS3 Slim looking neat and your controllers charged. Twist dock also adds 4 additional USB ports 2 additional USB charging. ports. The TwsitDock is currently available in Europe €79,99 ($90), seems to only be compatible with the PS3 Slim, no word on when it will launch in the states, but all signs point to June 2010. Check out the video and additional image below.


  • V8SuperCars

    This looks like a fantastic design, while i done need this is my currant setup and that i dont have a slim, but it looks so good and something i would buy straight away to neaten up my gaming area.
    Love the concept.

  • ochoas08

    Dammmnn that shit looks clean!!! too bad is only for the slim..

  • I agree, this shit will make your setup look extra clean. I must buy a PS3 slim first. lol. They need one of these for the the fatty PS3, for us OG’s.

  • Glenn

    Vogels website sez it works for both slim, and “fat” PS3.
    And that’s all good, because the slim really looks awfull!