PS Move And Natal Square Off. Which One Will Impress The Most?

Less than 3 weeks away from E3 2010, and the primary focus appears to be on the motion control systems for Microsoft and Sony.  We have “Natal” on the Microsoft side and “Move” on the Sony side. Which motion system will impress the gamers the most?

Microsoft’s Project Natal:

What we know thus far:

Project Natal: It enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller through a natural user interface using gestures, spoken commands, or presented objects and images.

Gaming Console: Microsoft’s Xbox 360

Release Date: Scheduled for release October 2010. But date may change.

Price: Rumor has it that Project Natal will be $149.99 as a standalone purchase, or $299.99 bundled with an Xbox 360 Arcade system.

Code name: The current code name “Project Natal” may change by E3 2010.

Games to be supported: Former Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim, has already gone on record as saying that Project Natal is backwards compatible with the entire Xbox 360 library once the game is patched.

As far as confirmed games go, we will have to wait for E3 2010.

Games we wish came to Natal

One last note: Natal had a hard time detecting dark skinned color individuals during E3 2009, hopefully that has been fixed.

Sony’s MOVE:

What we know thus far:

Gaming Console:Sony PlayStation 3

PS MOVE: PlayStation Move uses the PlayStation Eye webcam to track the wand’s position and inertial sensors in the wand to detect its motion.

Release date: PlayStation Move is slated for worldwide launch in Q3/Q4 2010

Price: Although Sony has not confirmed an actual price, Sony will be offering different bundles at launch, but the specific North America bundle will be priced under $100, such as a starter kit with a PS Eye, a Move motion controller, and motion-control enabled software, priced under US$100. A recent listing in Canada had the standalone PS Move controller for $69.99.

Games to be supported:
Ape Escape PS3
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Echochrome 2
The Fight: Lights Out
Little Big Planet  2
Move Party
Planet Minigolf
Sesame Workshop
Sports Champions
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest
The Shoot
Under Siege

Existing games that will be support:
Heavy Rain
High Velocity Bowling
Hustle Kings
Little Big Planet
Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Games we wish came to PS MOVE

One last note: Many have called PS Move the supped up version of the Wii without even trying the system. The concept is similar, but only time will tell what Sony has in store.

This E3 will be a huge event, expect to see both systems impress many. Gamers will be the real winners.

Which motion system do you think will impress gamers the most?

  • Caid

    I’m personally hoping for object integration with natal. I want to be able to buy game related paraphernalia and see it somehow come alive onscreen while I’m holding it. To be honest, there are plenty of things I’m hoping for project natal to do, but bridging that link between reality and the game world, while I’m playing, is my mail interest.

    Playstation move will only be a success if Sony can find an enticing means of producing games for it. Fact is, there’s already a setup exactly like it for gamers, one with thousands of games available. Even if a lot of them are junk, the fact remains, gamers are always looking for new ways to experience their virtual worlds. I’m sure ps move will be far more accurate than we’ve come to expect on the wii, and that there just might be it’s saving grace. Only time and consumer decisions will till, I suppose.



    • Caid

      Main interest and time will tell.
      I’m using an over zealous autocomplete feature that doesn’t always have the same game plan as me… Sorry for that.

  • Guru-007

    They both will suck. Just look at the Wii.

  • I am almost sure they will have object integration with Natal. Imagine a Star Wars game!

    • dstud

      if anything a jedi game would come to move

  • D.Vader

    The object recognition as it was demonstrated in the E3 2009 demo would require hardware that is much more expensive then $149.

    I am sure it will be supported, but expect the feature to be majorly gimped when compared to the original vision.

    I don’t buy Controllerless gaming and I am not sold on Motion Controls.

    Give me more great games to play with my DualShock 3 and I am set.

  • kosamus

    I can get a bit excited while playing games. Im scared i’ll break those colored balls on the Move. Wonder how durable they are.