5 Games That Would Shine On Natal

As Microsoft prepares to launch Project Natal, gamers are heaping negativity on the unexplored tech. It is only fitting that TQcast.com flip the script and give the most ambitious motion gaming device some love. Former Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim, has already gone on record as saying that Project Natal is backwards compatible with the entire Xbox 360 library once the game is patched which gives us with many possible Natal titles. So without further ado here’s the top 5 games we would like to play in no particular order.

5: Fifa 2010

While several people have already denied that motion controls will be used in FIFA, you cannot stop a man from dreaming! Imagine the game is in Extra Time and Messi chips ball into the air towards you. You jostle with Carvalho and bend backwards trapping the ball on your chest. You see John Terry sliding in from the left, so you jump over him and as your left foot hits the ground, you swing your right leg in real time hammering the ball past helmet-haired Peter Cech. As you dance around your room, your onscreen character replicates every move. Just imagine the celebrations you will see online. Sure you could just go play soccer outside, but you will not get the chance to nutmeg David Beckham in your backyard.

4: The Sims / Xbox Live’s “Game Room”

Sure…laugh it up. You would never be caught dead playing The Sims, let alone walking around some virtual world. You might not but there are a lot of people who would. Your body would be the controller as you move around the world interacting with physical objects, participating in events, and of course chatting it up with your friends via the microphone in Natal.

What would really be nice is a game similar to LittleBigPlanet except you use Natal to navigate your Xbox Live Avatar through courses and levels. Sure Sackboy is cool and all, but nothing beats using your likeness to smack around your friends or building levels with caricatures of your family. Hopefully the debut of My Avatar World is not far off.

3: Fight Night Round 4

Recreating moves in UFC 2010 without a partner would be difficult, so one has to consider Fight Night Round 4 the number one choice for simulation fighting on Natal.

Your onscreen character mirrors your physical features and adjusts as you get into shape training with heavy bags, speed bags, and sparring partners. Then you head into your first bout, bobbing and weaving through your opponent’s onslaught of punches. Your cardio in real life is up is horrible and your out of shape avatar is hit by a vicious right cross to the temple. Your only savior…the bell rings. As you count the stars on the screen, a friend/partner steps in and becomes the interactive trainer repairing you in real time! They clean your face, patch up a cuts, and hydrate you before the next round. After your pep talk, you get back in there…eating lightning and crapping thunder until you zing your opponent with a punch to the family jewels. Just be sure to stay out of the clinch and cover your ears when your opponent gets up because payback is coming.

2: Madden 2010

EA Sports Be A Pro Modes changed video games by putting you in the role of an actual professional athlete, but with Natal’s help, you can virtually fill those shoes. Play quarterback and use a wireless headset to receive plays from your coach. Go into the huddle and watch your teammate’s faces as you rattle off the next play. Maybe you grab your running back’s face mask and remind him to watch your blind side. Hopefully he likes you or that little stunt might cost you your career. Spins, stiff arms, and sprinting would all be based on your movements. Lean forward and jump a bit to dive over the players in the trenches to get that goal line touch down. Go up to grab an interception on defense or strip the ball from an unsuspecting QB. Celebrate with a cell phone or perhaps a little Riverdance. If it’s in the game…you made it happen

1: Dead or Alive 4

Are you sick of your friends talking trash and not being able to do anything about it? Thanks to Natal, you can shut his/her mouth up in Dead or Alive 4. Watch the tutorial, learn the moves and then use your body to unleash severe bodily damage to your pal without real life consequences. Throw them off a mountain or into a passing car. Listen as their bones crunch under the weight of your impressive palm strikes. Laugh as they tumble down a long flight of stairs and then off the edge before you pummel them again. Taunt them verbally as you end the match with a powerful special move and watch your friendship dissolve right before your eyes.

So you have seen our five, what games do you want to see patched for Natal?

  • Kris

    How are you going to do all these things? I can see the boxing game working…but how will you move around the soccer or football fields? Sure, you can run in place, but if you want to turn around and run the other way when some gets past you, or cover a receiver or chase a ball carrier (you probably didnt think of this, unless you think that madden will make games where you can only control a static quarterback) how will you do those? …well if you turn around so your onscreen character mimics your actions, you dont see the screen. This kind of technology would be great…but its difficult to really use in these kind of games without it being fully integrative…like a holodeck from StarTrek. This is why the WII has a controller input, and so does the PS Move. Im sure you will be able to use the xbox controller, but, doesnt that seem a little silly? If that is the solution to the problem, then, someone dropped the ball because at least the Wii-remotes and the PS Move controllers were designed to be used as motion control devices. The use of an xbox controller would only be an admission of “we messed up, so if you need to move around in a game not in one direction or side to side, hold on to this.” The “Natal” as it stands now will be good for nothing more than very simple games and mini-games. It has separated itself from the other motion control schemes, but, without any kind of mechanical input, its going to be a failed endeavor, at least in terms of functionality. Im sure it will sell well. However, “Natal” should have had something physical as well. You can only do so much with gesture based gameplay. Its just the truth.

  • updates might be released. HERE

    • Kris

      Yeah, but that’s just another cop-out and another way for them to overcharge you. The problem cant be fixed by a software update, because its a problem with the control scheme they came up with as their answer to motion control gaming for the casual audience. Their scheme isnt compatible with what has been terms “core gamers”, or, those who play shooters, plat-formers, RPGs, games which do require controller input. I would also argue that the Wii and Move wont be either, but, at least they have multiple input sources, not just one which again, makes it very difficult to perform certain tasks these games require. Again, those are facts that really cant be disputed. Some people are ok with swatting a ball around and mini-games, and thats ok. But, any updates which would help the “core” audience would have to be to include a Microsoft branded controller. But, if, and when, they do that, the differences between Natal, the Wii, and the PS Move, other than visual differences, become practically none. And Microsoft will then look rather silly for attempting something that we, as “core gamers”, all knew couldn’t work.

  • Chris

    I just think it’s funny that this will reportedly come in at $150 when you can buy the same tech with a PS Eye for $30

    • Kris

      Ok, lets not break down into fanboy flamming. The Natal camera system is definitely different than the PS Eye. If you dont think so, do some research before you post. its a pretty big technical achievement. It combines motion tracking with depth and distance processing, face recognition, etc all in the camera system. The PS Move will require the controllers and such to accomplish the same things. However, like Ive said, the lack of controller input limits the Natal in the end. But on a technical level, it is definitely a step or two ahead of the PS Eye.

  • m

    If they remade blast corps. (for the n64) and put it on the 360 that would be an awesome natal game

  • Chris

    Kris, go check out the Kung Fu Live post on the psblog and tell me how different they really are. Like you said, you can’t do anything with Natal until you introduce a trigger and buttons and it is going to be the same set up you can get on the Playstation. I own and love both systems so I am not trying to flame one or the other. Neither impresses me.

    • Kris

      They’re gimmicks which appeal to people I wouldnt consider true gamers anyway. All I was saying was the technology of the Natal is different, if not more advanced, than that of the Eye itself. Just watched the video of Kung Fu Live. Its a trick. Its just using a straight image of you and if your outline touches the other guy it registers as a hit. Its different than what Move and Natal say they can do. But again, Natal is saying it can do all those things with just a camera. Those types of games, like Kung Fu Live, were on the Eye Toy for PS2 as well. They;re not the same types of things we’re suppose to be seeing from the Natal and Move.

      • Chris

        You’re right, it is a trick. But until Natal gets some buttons and triggers, that is all Natal is even though it is more advanced. As a gamer, I could give a crap about voice recognition and kickboxing. At least with the Move, we know that it will be able to play games like SOCOM with it – And to me, even that isn’t all that appealing. Until MS shows us something, I am highly skeptical of it – Outside of Peter Molyneaux doing something silly with it in Fable 3 that the gaming press will fawn over.

        • Kris

          I agree with you 100%. You cant play a shooter with motion controls, its just silly and in accurate. I mean, we had light guns since the arcade days…if people liked them, they would have taken over already. Ill always prefer a mouse or controller in my hand. Motion controls are gimmicks and really only for the party games, mini-games, and casual games market. My first post said the exact same thing. I was very critical of the Natal, but, I appreciate the tech behind the camera it self…even though it wont translate into a satisfying gaming experience for all but the very blind fanboy, and casual gamers who just want to swat a ball around or something.

  • Maybe a few things will need to be automated or simulated by the console such as turning around. Perhaps there may be some trick to it. If you’ve played FIFA 2010’s Be A Pro Mode, the camera automatically spins around for you with you controlling it. I think EA could make it so your character and the camera automatically spin or pivot in order to work in those situations.

    As for running, it has been accomplished on the Wii simply but running in place. Perhaps a “Power Pad” like on the NES could be added. I don’t know how well that would work but I’m sure that these developers after a year or so will be able to nail down engines and systems to fully take advantage of Natal’s tech.

  • Guru-007

    Madden on Natal? Keep dreaming!!! Like Kevin Butler said I need buttons.

  • I’ve been playing the Backbreaker demo since Saturday on the Xbox 360 and I’m pretty sure you could play that game without a controller the way it is set up. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a patch to make it so.

    That said, Madden can be done without a controller. There would be a learning curve but I could see it done. I easy ideas on how to implement stuff.

    Plays pop up on the screen. You can use your hands to swipe through the playbook or verbally navigate.

    Switch players. Make a little loop in the air with your hand and then point the direction you want to switch in. I’m sure it could give even more precise where you could actually just point to the player you want to be on the screen.

    Defensive shits and offensive audibles could be all done via the microphone as well making it more authentic.

    I’m telling you…Madden may not do it, but Backbreaker will try and if they succeed, we could see a whole new ball game especially now that developers can approach each individual NFL team to get them in their games.

    • Guru-007

      Great write up. It might work in a few years after they perfect it.

  • Wow…I really need to stop typing up stuff late at night! The errors and you know I meant defensive “shifts.” LoL