Look out Xbox Live, PSN+ Eclipse is Near

The rumors continue to flood video game sites and blogs regarding the anticipated PSN+ announcement for E3. The PSN+ is the supposedly PlayStation Network premium services that will offer much more content for a monthly price. But how much more content are we talking about? And how much are you willing to pay for it? How does this match Xbox Live? But most importantly, what do gamers want to see on this service?

Although no yearly price has been leaked for the rumored PSN+, Joystiq reports that a monthly fee of $9.99 will give you access to the following

• Cross-game chatting
• Access to rotating list of PSOne Classics and PSP Minis
• Downloading some full retail games from demo titles
• Free PlayStation Protection Plan
• Cloud-based game saves.

But what do gamers really want to see with this PSN+ service? If PSN+ indeed takes your $10 a month, the rumored list is not enough.

Let’s take a look at what else can make the $10 monthly fee worth wild.

• 4 Free movie rentals a month from the PSN store
• Free PSN magazine subscription – Qore-
• Free Avatars (2-4 a month)
• Early BETA and Demo access
• PSN store (subscriber exclusive) sales.

Implementing these additional features will really get gamers to pay up that monthly fee. With the current rumored features and pricing, you can bet that only the hardcore and older gamers will give in first.

What features would you like to see for $10 a month?

Readers & Community Want the following:
dom6390- in-game DLC

  • dom6390

    your list of rumoured extras for the PSN+ service doesnt include all the ones ive heard.
    discount on PS store is a major one you missed out and exclusive in-game DLC is also worth over $9.99 if there is a decent range of content rather than just cheap crap

    • I’m adding to the list dom.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I’ve heard certain things too. At the moment, I’m still not ready to pony up although the money rental thing alone is tempting.

  • Gregero

    I like the idea of rotating psOne classics. That’d be cool. If it does what Live can do, then I’d definitely start paying. I mean I don’t have any friends on my Box, but do have many on my PS3 and it’d be just great to be able to have more connection with them. At this point though, it doesn’t have TOO much that I’m looking forward to aside from the rotating classics and the cross-game chat.

  • Dutchman

    PSN subscriber only sales probably wont happen. At least not at the start, what if it flops…..then there will be a lack of subscribers only content because they don’t get enough money from it.

    What I want from it is something else, dont give me movie rentals dont give me (early) beta acces (though it would nice :p), I want something new. Make something what differs PSN from xbox live, I actually have no good idea for it but it doesn’t have to be game related for me.

    Get google streetview/earth for example (move support maybe). I know this probably aint usefull but I would like such things. Give us chatroullette or something.

    Photoshop (with move support maybe) to edit ur photos.

  • Revelation

    I fail to see how a service that (at the moment) is more expensive than Live, does not do all the things that Live does, and still we do not know if it’s going to work, will “eclipse” Live.

    The main concern with Live, it’s the price. Many people think it’s too expensive (even if you can get in amazon a year for $39.99 most of the time).

    Unless they bring a more user-friendly interface and better price than Live (I hope they do), the only thing they’re going to eclipse is their own ass.

  • darkzed

    the most things you get for $10 BUCKS would be DLC’s not only that some games also are worth $10 so what does this mean for the PSN service idk but it seems like an awesome move $10 bucks a month or year is something to talk about. all the stuff you get for free throw in a year of QORE and where good maybe some beta and early demo access. would be also nice

  • megulito

    i am willing to pay for nothing especially with nothing firmly stated. this is how they gauge consumer idiocy but leaking shit and seeing what people say. i will not pay for any form of the psn there is no such thing as “worth it”

  • John Lock

    Id wish they would just offer Cross Game Chat to everyone (Free of charge), I like it for “Clan purposes”.. not really worth paying though..

    ahh idk yet

  • Edge

    I actually think the list isn’t bad the way it is now. game rotation a plus. The cloud based saves are sweet. I have a slim PS3 and a B/C fat and I hate having to play certain games on 1 PS3 as apposed to the other because I already started on that one. I already (luckily) get into most of the betas so having beta access isn’t that great to me. Game discounts on the other hand much better deal.
    For the people complaining about having to pay for the premium service, remember Sony still has a free PSN which you are welcome too.

  • El Kontakt

    Dang, PSN+ is gonna be off the chain.

  • me


  • Wolf26pack

    I’m guessing it will end up being $10.00 a month or $60.00 a year. As for what is being offered I don’t see any of it being to useful. If Cross Game Chat is being offered in the PSN + service then it isn’t universal meaning I may pay for it while some of my friends I want to talk to won’t making it uselss. Cross Game Chat needs to be free universally.

    As for all the others such as a Rotating PSN Games,Mini’s & PS1 Games it depends on weather those are actually ours if after our subscribtion is up at the end of the year or are they just rentals that will no longer be accessible after we stop paying. If it is the latter then forget it, I am already learly about an all Downloadable future so I won’t partake in this experiment.

    The Playstation Protection Plan is probably a good investment but will it include all PS3’s, Fat’s & Slim’s? or will it only be for the slims?

    The ablility to download hour long demo’s is ridiculous. I won’t ever pay for demo’s as they are just adverstisment’s meant to garner my attention on weather I will purchase the game or not.

    Finally Cloud Game Saves aren’t of interest to me as I back-up my own data so I have no need for that service.

    They can try & add even more things to the service but i really think while it’s offerings are unique they are not justifiable for the cost.

    In my opinion I think it is too late in the game to be adding a charge to the PS3 maybe for the PS4 but right now is a bad time. Also the thing that I think makes the XBOX 360 service good is that everything is streamlined & required to be added by developers while Sony lets developers add what extra features they want.

    Personally though I wish it was the other way around and Microsoft was dropping the Gold Service but Sony is caving in to the all mighty $$$. IMO Certain things should be part of the gaming service for free, things that make the gaming service better. Things that don’t have to do with making the gaming service better or are truly optional such as Discounts on the PS Store are ok to add to the service, but then what does Sony truly have to offer to a paid service that people would actually pay for? IDK

  • pr0b

    Man Cross game chat better be free, or sony shall face the rage of a thousand suns.

    i’d also like to ask to play my own playlist on my ps3 .. but thats wishful thinking smh.

  • Siggy

    $120 a year. No thanks.

  • Mase

    Everyone complaining about the supoosed $120 price tag needs to remember that XBOX live is $100 bucks if you pay monthly 79 bucks if you pay qurterly and 50 bucks if you pay yrly. I am certain Sony will adopt a similar price plan for the PSN+ 120 for the year 89 or so if you purchase quarterly and probably 59.99 for yearly access. Either way if all the rumours are true this service sounds cool and every bit as good as XBOX Live. I also heard that with it you get a new XMB that features Netflix (no more disc) enhanced Facebook integration, Pandora radio, Twitter and possibly Google TV access. Either way Im willing to give it a shot.

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  • asdcxz321

    Sony already made a statement awhile ago when asked about the PSN premium services that if there will be cross-game chat, it won’t be part of the premium package

  • DevilDogA99

    That’s sounds great but I wouldn’t pay it & I better not havt to pay for cross game chat & voice MSG! PSN needs to bring PS2 games

  • kosamus

    Sony should make a deal with publishers so subscribers don’t have to buy EA and THQ online pass codes. Even if you buy a game used, you can still access all the online and multiplayer componets without having to buy a new copy. I rented Skate 3 on PS3 and so many online features were gimped. I have no idea if i’ll like those withheld features so now im not buying the game because I didnt get to try them. It kinda sucks being a gamer these days.

  • kosamus

    btw, i really dont like the idea of Sony charging for a premium PSN. Just update the PS3 with cross game chat and I am good. The rest of the stuff doesnt interest me at all.