5 Reasons You Bought an Xbox 360 Over a PS3

The Xbox 360 has had an awesome ride since its release in 2005. Although the console has suffered with hardware issues, Microsoft has dealt with it and the Xbox 360 continues to sell and provide an unsurpassed experienced with their Xbox Live service. But exactly– what turned over 39 million gamers into buying an Xbox 360 over a PS3? Although many may have different reasons, there is no denying that the following reasons have been a huge deciding factor for Xbox 360 gamers.

5. Controller

Some PS3 gamers won’t admit it, but the Xbox 360 controller is far much more comfortable on a grown man’s hands than any other console controller out there. This is a huge deciding factor for any hard core gamer. 

4. Gears of War

Let’s be honest, Gears of War changed the game. Gears of War completely made it obvious that next gen was indeed a huge leap from last gen. Selling over 6 million copies worldwide; it’s no wonder most of us own an Xbox 360.

3.  Halo Series

The Halo series is quite possibly the most recognizable and popular video game franchise in existence. Ever since Halo: Combat Evolved was released for the Xbox in 2001, Microsoft set the standards to a new level when it came to console gaming. 9 years later, and the Halo series continues to be successful by selling anything with the Halo name in it, and delivering one of the best multiplayer games in existence to millions of gamers.

2. Cheaper

The Xbox 360 offers cheaper options than the PS3, the Xbox 360 Arcade bundle retails for $199.00 compared to the standard $299.00 for the PS3. Although it may not seem as a huge price difference, the lower price tag attracts consumers, especially when a bundle or sale is offered. Microsoft also provides an extended free 3 year warranty for hardware related issues, compared to a free 1 year warranty for the PS3. (3 year extended warranty covers the infamous RROD).

1. Xbox Live Experience:

Let’s face it; Xbox Live set the trend for having a console dashboard/main menu with portals. Xbox Live provides games, movies, previews, demos, but most importantly a robust on line gaming service that is arguably the best to date.

What were your reasons for picking an Xbox 360 over a PS3? If you own both consoles, which console did you pick up first?

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  • Chris

    I just wish that everyone would get a spell/grammar checker. Your arguments are all immediately ignored when you come off sounding like an eight year old kid because you can’t put a complete sentence together.

    Perhaps hooked on phonics might be a good start.

    • Daniel

      Gotta agree with Chris, word has a spell check and couldn’t hurt to use it. Also if the xbox controler is ” better” is all a matter of prefrence, i use both and dont have any issue with either of them. I actuall prefer the ps3 controler for games such as FF13, racing , open world. Can’t you how much my fingers hurt from playing AC on the xbox. Not a comfortable contoler for long gaming sessions that are not an FPS.

    • Joe

      what up chris i gotta say 3 of those reasons are great

      .gears of war series
      .halo series
      .xbox experiences

      Xbox trumps ps3 with those 3 things in my thoughts

    • jaihawk

      The grammar and spelling police are going to have their work cut out for them. If you think it’s bad now, just wait.

  • Brian

    Daniel maybe you need to use a spell check as well! Hmm let’s see…”contoler”…”prefrence”….and what does “Can’t you how much my fingers hurt” supposed to mean?

  • Michael

    5 Reasons I never bought a 360 and did buy two PS3s

    1) Can’t stand Microsoft or anything they touch.
    2) PS3 has Blu Ray, 360 doesn’t.
    3) PS3 is very reliable, 360 is basically junk in this department.
    4) PS3 was cheaper and you get way more features.
    5) I like the PS3 Controller, never could stand 360 want-to-be controllers.

    • Jack T

      Overall I think the 360 is the best console of this generation. It sold more and has better exclusive games. This is my opinion and I love FPS games. If you like FPS games then you have to agree the PS3 controller sucks balls.

      • jaihawk

        Umm…why does the PS3 controller suck for FPSs? The layout works just fine for them. Why do people always say that? Are you just parroting the only lame attempt to rip on the Sony controller or what? BTW I am a huge FPS fan, and own a 360 because of it, but used to miss the Sony layout when I first got into the xbox.

      • Mike

        PS3 has sold almost 100,000 more units per month than 360. Divide their sales by their time on the market in months. PS3 sells more, but hasn’t been out as long.

        Which one do you think will run out of gas first?

    • Jack

      You forgot,

      6) i’m an idiot who actually doesn’t care much aout games in the first place but loves to rant aout it.

  • Ej

    And don’t forget the 6th reason to buy a Xbox 360 over a Ps3 slim. Gamers like to look at the pretty red flashing lights. LOL.

  • Infinity

    Is this article a joke?

  • KC

    Congratulations now no-body wants to visit your website, good job!

  • Duskywolf50

    Hey editor,

    Please stop hide the facts whcih you wrote this below,

    “The Xbox 360 offers cheaper options than the PS3, the Xbox 360 Arcade bundle retails for $199.00 compared to the standard $299.00 for the PS3. Although it may not seem as a huge price difference, the lower price tag attracts consumers, especially when a bundle or sale is offered. Microsoft also provides an extended free 3 year warranty for hardware related issues, compared to a free 1 year warranty for the PS3. (3 year extended warranty covers the infamous RROD).”

    Facts: Xbox360 Arcade bundle for $199 do not carry harddrive and wireless network which you have to purchased separate. Now about $299.00 PS3 console have everything ready for you. Another fact is that Xbox360 have excellent games.

  • Marcus

    I prefer 360 over PS3. But I will say this: The PS3 controller is superior in almost every way. The buttons respond better, the D-pad is better and the sticks are more consistent. I’ve gone through countless 360 controllers because the sticks either turn slow, get extremely loose, or turn on their own.

  • Dtoxz

    Puh-lease…..The ONLY reason I bought a 360 was because of GEARS. All these other arguments are retarded.
    PS3’s controller is way better.
    Xbox LIVE is not better then the PSN. I think that the XMB on the PS3 is easier to navigate in.
    The Xbox is NOT cheaper. They just sell the system with nothing attached to it. So if you want all the things that the PS3 has, you have to buy them (HDD, wireless adapter, rechargeable batteries/charger)

    These are all lame excuses.
    Really all it comes down to is personal preference. I like my 360 but when it comes to which is better, the PlayStation 3 reigns supreme in almost every category.

  • type1fan

    I really do HATE the PS3 controller. They seem to be made for the guy in the Burger King commercials with the tiny hands. I’ve owned 3 360’s (gave my old ones to friends each time I upgraded) and all are still running with no issues. I don’t care for the business practices of either company buy I feel that Sony is more evil in general (and that’s saying a lot when compared to Moneysoft).

  • garrak

    hmmm, on number five i think that the most recognizable game series of all time would be the Mario franchise. PS3 controller continues on the trend of excellent of gamepads, why do you think that it has changed so little since ps1 controllers years ago?

  • Steve

    None of those are the reasons I bought an XBOX 360. I am perfectly happy with my PS3 but I wanted to play Mass Effect. That was the big deciding factor for me.

  • jimmy

    anyone who says halo is even arguably the most recognizable franchise is a fuckin dumbass. straight up. if youre talkin about amongst gamers, well yeah sure we all know what it is, but we’re familiar with every decent franchise. anyone who games knows of street fighter, devil may cry, fable etc. but ask 1000 non-gamers who master chief is and then ask who mario is and guess who more people are gonna know. enough of this stupid fanboy claim

  • Andi

    I chose ps3 – their online experience is free (unlike xbox 360), and it’s a blue ray player, thus killing gaming and blue ray watching in one blow.

  • SS

    It’s very easy for the “fanboyism” to start with these kinds of articles, so I completely avoid taking people seriously when they say things such as, “The PS3 is better because it has this and the 360 doesn’t!!”

    “The Xbox 360 sucks!!”

    “The PS3 has no games!!”

    More than likely it’s a child writing such things, and heads up, we’ll only take your comments seriously when you attach reasons to them. Simple as that.
    I happily own both consoles, and having played the PlayStation consoles all my life I naturally purchased the PS3 first. I was and am completely happy with my PS3, and I had an opportunity to buy a 360 so I did. I don’t really enjoy the most popular series such as Halo and Gears of War, but I do enjoy most of the other games the console has to offer.

    Having solely a PS3 I felt isolated from the rest of the gaming community because of the (unfair) early content releases for the 360, and the limited amount of games that suited my gaming style on the PS3. I love playing both, and the 360’s XBL Party Chat feature was the deciding factor over which console to get a game for; in that case, multiplayer games belong on the 360. Having a choice whether to mute annoyingly obnoxious children, are you kidding me? Thank you Microsoft. On the flip side, the 360 has the majority of the “child” population whereas the PS3 is mainly populated by older teenagers and adults, in my experience.

    For the future, whichever console has the bigger and mixed game library will get my money first in comparison to price and features. Let us not forget the 360 ends up costing more at $300 than buying the PS3 at its $300 price tag.

  • EG6-SiR

    There is a lot of reasons why I didn’t buy the XB360. For 1 it doesn’t have blu-Ray a 50gb disc which the xb uses a 9gb disc, 2 blu- Ray disc has strong Anti- scratch resistance (circle scratch on the xb disc), 3 all the accessories are all not built in to it ( wireless adapter, rechargeable batteries, hdd (you can’t upgrade by buying a laptop hdd), 4 ps3 has exclusives that you will never see on pc, and last you can buy a gaming pc which you can buy games that are on xb which will look better then the xb and you can use a xb wired controller on and sign on to xb live. Even thought I said my peace there is always going to be a fanboy out there that will hate what I wrote.

  • Anyone who doesn’t recognize the strengths of both systems, isn’t a true gamer.

  • agreed with chris this seems like an eight year old has written it.
    this post within a few hours will be flooded with fanboys because of the question which system did you buy or which did you buy first and why?

    i bought the playstation 3 first
    and this was because i liked the look of the ps3’s launch games and upcoming games alot more than the 360 i gave it a chance on several occasions while i was awaiting the ps3 release in the uk.

    i didn’t really get into gears of war 1
    nor did i like many of the other games that came out in the following months apart from project gotham racing 3 the only other two games i liked on the 360 where full auto which i noticed the 2nd was coming to ps3 so i put that into consideration as well and dead rising which i still love today its got to be one of the best 360 gamers i have played.

    one thing that the article writer neglected to think about when writing this post is that microsoft have destroyed the midrange pirce point console being the pro

    so now if you buy an arcade unit
    you will pay as much as the system nearly thats probably going over the top
    they end up paying 3/5 of what the payed for the console just to get a harddrive to allow them access to xbl because we all know that 256mb cards basically wont hold any information at all when the xbl updates come round + game data ect
    so its a better option to just go with the elite unit anyway since you wont end up buying microsoft’s overpriced 120gb harddrive even the 60gb harddrive is a rip off for the same price as the 120gb 360 harddrive i can get 500gb for my ps3.

    and i dont think anyone reading this comment can really deni that microsoft’s peripherals are overpriced.

    the ps3 for me had the better upcoming games and i still stand by that today as games like uncharted , resistance , heavy rain , little big planet ,motorstorm dominate the ps3’s exclusive line up.

    by the way sorry if there are any spelling errors im writing this at 3am which is why im finding it hard to think of games for both systems

    everything else set aside
    i love the 60gb launch ps3 still
    360 has broken its fair share of times but is still a good system
    and the black wii i recently picked is ace

    to any fanboys that read this dont flame off at each other on this try and keep the peace

    the console war is old boring and half of you dont understand what you are talking about when you say 360 sucks or ps3 sucks or een wii sucks even though i havent seen that one pop up in months

    • Paulm

      lol, I love how you complain about the post, but still share your thoughts. Writer is one smart one if he is making the haters leave a comment, let alone a novel like you just did. BTW, Chris meant spelling on the comments, not the post.

  • marhorn

    All sony lovers harp on about blu ray discs when theres only a handfull of games that actually utilize the space, (all the other games just have rakes of space not used up!) The drive spins slower so lots more loading time (and we all know that is LOTS more loading time) Xbox controller is better for everygame i have played apart from street fighter. Xbox live is superior in everyway, oh and yes I do own a ps3 but i only buy games like uncharted, god of war and I am looking forward to gran turismo (although forza is the best racer ive played so far) And move is gonna suck! Project Natal is gonna be amazing (if the level of detail promised is delivered)

    I bought an Xbox because after owning all consoles (near enough all) I know that Xbox is the way forward!

  • Jimbo

    I picked up a 360 back in 2006 for Test Drive Unlimited. First time I used a console since the PS1, the controller took some getting used to at first.

    I recently bought a PS3 and for the love of god I just can’t stand this piece of shit that the DS3 controller is. It just made me realize how much I miss the xbox 360’s controller as soon as I start playing on the PS3.

    I read people saying all the time they don’t like the 360 controller and that the DS3 is better, but I don’t get why: it’s more confortable, a lot more precise and MS actually put some thought in the ergonomy of it.

    The PS3 would be so much more amazing if I could use an xbox 360 controller on it. I can’t stand playing GT5 prologue right now…

  • Pikachu

    5 Reasons I never bought a PS3/360 and did buy two Wii’s
    1) I don’t care about graphics
    2) I don’t really like GUN games and those other big games that sell well on those consoles
    3)360 is basically junk as far as RRod goes, and you have to pay for online. I don’t need a blue ray system or a system that plays DVD’s because I have a regular old DVD player that still works, so PS3 is out
    4) nether the PS3 or the 360 have any nintendo games on them like maria or Zelda.
    5) Wii’s motion controls came first, 360/PS3 are fail attempts to copy that now a days.

  • consol-war=lame

    reason i bought a ps3!

    i’ve been with sony since the ps2,

    other than that, i don’t care! it’s a console, if somebody is gay for that then go outside

  • Arguing over language is the only way mental midgets are able to act like mental bullies.

  • James

    I got 360 1st because it came out 1st. I have them both but I like my PS3 more. You are very wrong about the Xbox 360 controller. That big ass thing makes my hand go numb and sometimes it even hurts when I play some games. I never have that problem with my PS3 controller.

  • Adam

    Lost Odyssey is without a doubt the greatest JRPG I have played since Final Fantasy 10. I stuck with 360 in the hope that Mistwalker would make a sequel to LO. Sadly, it does not look like this will happen. I would like to get a PS3 for all PS1 classics available on PSN, but will keep my 360 as well considering all the games I now have on my account. Both are great consoles.

  • SFighter

    I find it very ironic that I started this internet search to look for a more comfortable 360 controller only to find these posts claiming its more comfortable than PS3. I have both systems (PS3 and 360) and there’s no comparison for me. The PS3 controller is lighter, more comfortable in your hands, and has a better button layout. The xbox controller is heavy, bulky, and the button layout is not very ergonomic.

    Are all the people claiming the 360 controller is more comfortable only xbox owners who haven’t spent enough time with a PS3 controller to know better?

    As for the other points, I can agree there are a few titles on the xbox that are appealing, but overall the PS3 has more solid hardware, a blueray player, and I’ve had far fewer issues with it than my 360. I am also an advocate that online should be free once you’ve bought the game.

    Just my 2 cents..

  • Joseph

    This is a very badly written article. It sounds like it was written by an XBOX 360 fanboy (which it probably was). Having said that, all of the reasons are quite valid. I’m sure that plenty of people bought a 360 for all of these reasons. Myself, I own a PS3, not a 360.

    Now, I might be wrong about this, but I’m 99% sure that the Mario franchise is the most recognised. both by gamers and by non-gamers.

  • Freethought411

    When’s the last time anyone watched a HD-DVD?  HD-DVD is dead, bluray is the disc format for today and for the foreseeable future until a new format comes out.  Hmmm do I want a xbox360 for just games and then pay another 200 for a bluray player, or do I want to just pay 250 and have both?