5 Reasons You Bought a PS3

For new owners of the PlayStation 3, whether it was bought for games or movies, you should be rest assured that the money was well spent. The PS3 has many things to offer, and there are plenty of features and games that have been a huge decision factor for making the PS3 the console of choice. Check out 5 reasons that might have made you buy a PS3.

5. To Play Uncharted 2

Arguably the greatest video game in existence, capitalizing on every video game award and continually being update. A system seller, the franchise that has proved what the PS3 can do.

4. Web Browser

Although many video game enthusiast may not agree that the browser was the selling point, the PS3’s browser is a strong selling point to those that are less savvy with video games. Anything that has the ability to browse the net will always turn heads, and sell well. You can even watch Porn in high quality. Name another gaming console that can do that?

3. To play Little Big Planet:

Little Big Planet is fun, cute, creative and a great family game. But one thing that most men may not know, is that Little Big Planet is not only known to be a hit with kids, but a hit with the ladies. Loading Little Big Planet could lead to other great Little or Big things. But the most obvious reason would be to create your very own game levels with friends and family and share them all across the globe. Little Big Planet is a must have for every PS3 owner, and one reason why you bought or would like to buy a PS3.

2. Play God of War 3, Help Sony Sell PS3’s:

God of War 3 is the best looking Video Game to Date. It won’t matter who see’s you play this game, God of War 3 is the game that your friends and family– no matter what age, will actually notice the technology jump, and completely see what video games are capable of doing now a day. Guaranteed to make a few friends or family members purchase their very own PS3.

1. Watch a Blu-Ray, watch them faint:

The PlayStation 3 has something that no other gaming console has…a Blu-Ray player! Yes, watch movies in high definition, and watch your friends and families’ jaw hit the deck. Although not all Blu-Rays are created equal, movies like Avatar, Star Trek 2009, or even 2001: A Space Odyssey for the older crowd will simply impress your friends and family. And just to think, 3D content is just around the corner. If this is not a reason you bought a PS3, slap yourself twice.

What was your main reason for buying a PS3?

  • IsthisaJoke?

    What a total sony chode. Do you need a daily reassurance you made a good purchase?? This sounds straight out of a Sony brochure. I hope they pay you well otherwise you are a PR whore working for free.. But I have to admit, I wish I had a PS3. My main reason would be to finally get rid of my red ring machine.

  • ochoas08

    Desz i agree with dude^. You always put articles on how ps3 is the best and i agree it is. But you had posted a LittleToMany of these and had mention on the cast as well. How about 5 reasons on a 350,wii,ds maybe even some gadgets like headphones.. Just saying not tryna be rude. TQQQQQQ

  • Smokey

    FAIL .. You Sony Troll. I dont consider me paying $149.99 to fix a 14 month YLOD a great deal . I will stick to my free to repair 360.

    • please go back to your cave

  • Dion


  • Lazyeye79

    You are completely right about LBP being a big hit with the ladies.

  • nadrewod999

    I had four main reasons, two of which you listed. First, I was looking forward to a little upcoming game called “inFamous”. Second was LBP. Third was Blu-ray. Fourth was my PS2 was getting old and I wanted to still be able to play many of my old games on my new console.

  • xino

    complete failed article!

  • Ven

    Good article. I could name a few more reasons as to why I purchased a PS3 over a 360/Wii but it would get too long.

    -Free Online

    the list can go on. It’s by far the best of the 3 consoles. No other console is doing as much as the PS3.

    • GamerDude

      I have owned a 360, Wii, and PS3. 360 has the better games(exclusives) thats about it. PS3 has free online and Blu-ray. And the Wii is just plain fun. You can make a list but if you havent owned the console and played around with it your list is useless.

  • David

    Iwould add 6) Upscaling my standard definition DVDs. Seriously, more people need to know how good it looks!

  • Your Brother :)

    Bought my PS3 about a week before GoW3 came out. GoW collection and GoW3 are the only games I’ve played on it so far. I used the web browser on the PS3 for about 10 seconds, then I threw up in my trash can. I don’t watch blu-ray movies because I download movies and stream them from PC to 360. I still don’t know how to do this with the PS3. Besides, my 360 outputs in 1080p and upscales movies excellentyl. I can’t even notice a difference comparing to blu-ray movies.

    So the only reason I bought my PS3 so far was to play GoW3. Everything else I do on my 360.

    • anman786

      hahaha contradiction

      “I don’t watch blu-ray movies” …
      ” I can’t even notice a difference comparing to blu-ray movies.”

  • funtime

    No. It was Valkyria Chronicles

    • whoa, good reason funtime! They need trophies added to that game though, but I bet still fun without.

  • DH

    Metal Gear Solid 4 for one

  • John Lock

    1.) Metal Gear Solid 4
    2.) PSN Free, and pretty good. (Xbox Live overrated in my opinion.)
    3.) Blu Ray for sure.
    4.) Other great games like: Socom, LBP, GT5, Killzone, God of War, etc. etc.
    5.) Internet Browser. I can download movies, music, photos and watch YouTube stuff. Sure it’s not the fastest, but it’s not the slowest webbrowser.

  • notimportant

    i got it for:
    the previously exclusive FFXIII
    connectivity to PSP
    All the future might bring

  • Johnnyboy

    You forgot one of, if not the main reasons hordes of people have/will buy a PS3

    Gran Turismo franchise.

  • HHJ

    please don’t laugh …
    i bought it for Heavenly sword and R&C ToD

    • Those are good games.

  • qwerty

    the sucker that i am.. bought my ps3 two year ago.. for gt5.
    ..and still i wait. and still it will be worth it.

  • shearerisgod

    I only bought my PS3 for one reason and that was because its better than an xbox. with 3d gaming, movies, PS move, BBC Iplayer, PlayTV, better games, free web browser, integrated wifi, free online, blu ray movies (quality pisses on any DL i’ve seen todate)…..I’m sure glad I did…..
    Now, where’s that tray loading DVD device with a nuclear reactor for a power converter, subsricption online and fake 1080p upscaling gone…….?

  • jAKE

    plain and simple, i wanted the best console with the most exclusives avialable / coming to it.

    I have a PC, it rocks and everything xbox comes to the pc anyways.. and plays in higher definitely with less xbox bs..

    but i can’t play Gt5 or GOW or LBP on a pc.. get what im saying?

    and dont bother mentioning halo, i played all of em including reach.. time to move on guys.. the same 3 seconds of gameplay over and over should have died by now

  • Alicks

    I got it for the bluray obviously, but also
    -in-built wifi
    -free PSN
    -recharchable controllers
    -backwards compatibility (60G fatboy)
    -does eeeeeveerything
    -more powerful
    -gran turismo 5!

    Suck on that Microsoft 🙂








  • Kosamus

    I bought mine just for Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Prince

    I don’t blame any of you on forgetting the amount of exclusives PS3 has but, may i remind you of…The Last Guardian?

  • roy

    I bought the PS3 because of the Red Ring of Death. Have you guys ever noticed something every 360 fan boy actually has had the PS3 since it was like 700 dollars but they only play GoW on it.

  • bigknutts

    Let me point out the real factor in this debate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Understand and think carefully!!!!!!!!!!

    I own both machines and own the same games on both consoles i.e. cod, mainly due to the fact i have diffrent friends on diffrent platforms,Both machines are equal in quality of game play,functionality(not sure on the spelling)but most all debate! …..
    if you want a versitile machine that does everyhing well then go for a ps3.
    If you want a console that does what it is meant to do then get a xbox.
    So in my oppinion the xbox wins for games and the ps3 wins as a media player!

    • That’s a good way of putting it, although the PS3 has more exclusives and the same games as the 360, wouldn’t that make the PS3 the better gaming system? Maybe you are referring to the XBOX Live vs. PSN, because in that case I agree with you. Xbox LIVE is much better.