Will “Alan Wake” Up 360 Gamers?

The reviews are in and Alan Wake now available in stores. Despite mixed reviews, the fan fervor is still strong. Though a few people have opted to buy Red Dead Redemption instead, Alan Wake will be Microsoft’s top seller this month. But what about the next month? And the months after?

Alan Wake is a breath of fresh air from the chronic shooter syndrome that these gamers crave. Fable 2 was a bit successful, but this is Microsoft’s chance to pull in a new demographic especially considering its one of a few big titles not completely fixated on shooting. By establishing this new franchise, spin-offs and even sequels become a possibility. A possibility which could reinvigorate Microsoft’s first party developers and bring some much needed variety to their library.

The story is unique and the marketing has been very subtle but absolutely amazing. Brightfalls.com shows six videos leading up to Alan Wake’s arrival to Bright Falls. The events that transpired certainly ramped up many people’s expectations for the game. Even the radio station KBF Radio can be found on Pandora! The immersion factor is high and though we’ve seen vampire / ghoul type games before, this game’s ambition sets it apart.

However, we’ve seen that even the most creative of titles such as Fable 2 or even storied franchises such as Final Fantasy have been quickly forgotten by the Xbox 360 faithful. Instead they seek the comforts of Halo , Gears of War, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and now Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It seems that violence must be a key component in a game for it to be a hit on the Xbox 360. Don’t be fooled. Mass Effect 2, while bigger in scope, still relies heavily on violence to keep their gamers invested.

So where does that leave Alan Wake? Will there be enough blood to satisfy customers? Will they be enough over-the-top violence to keep their attentions? Will this game drown out Heavy Rain or will it too be pushed to the back as just another good title they don’t appreciate?

The future success of this new franchise is absolutely crucial. It is the only game capable of bringing a new audience to the Xbox 360 now as Natal is still too obscure to judge. There’s only so many shooters you can put out before even the most loyal fan tires of frag-fests. Alan Wake must blow people’s minds. It must go above and beyond all games to date. It must inspire the Xbox faithful and Microsoft’s gaming division to embrace new genres.

After so many years of development and delays, is Alan Wake really worth the hype? Can it open up the 360 community to new experiences or better yet inspire developers to take a chance with similar titles in the future on the Xbox 360?

  • Phoeinx3309

    I’m really not sold on this game yet. We tried out the demo an it looked OK but still not sure if we will buy it. Personally I think that Microsoft is going to have to bring more than just one title to the playing field if they are going to want to keep up with Sony. I guess we will find out at this years E3. Maybe they will change my mind about the Xbox360.

  • I’m buying.

  • Depending upon E3, I may be buying as well. I can’t wait to watch the Microsoft Conferences in HD on MTV.

  • Spanky

    This is a day one purchase, I picked up my copy and it is amazing. The lighting is mindblowing and the story is told like none I’ve ever seen in a game. The reviews were not mixed, all 8s and 9s with one or two low scores given by sites trying to get attention.

  • derp

    Microsoft not doing any TV advertising in the UK seems to have hurt it sales-wise with it debuting around 30k, hopefully they make more of an effort everywhere else.

    @Spanky – Yes, clearly no reviewer is allowed to have their own opinion, how dare they not make their score in line with the rest. In fact, since you can’t grasp that not everyone likes what you do (you seem to be taking the scores personally, you must be either a) part of the dev team b) part of the marketing team c) a fanboy), why do you bother with reviews at all.

  • Spanky

    Reviews should not just reflect how much the reviewer liked the game, but rather they should reflect the quality of the game. Alan Wake like it or not was a high quality title, with great attention to detail, so much so that giving it a score lower than 7 is highly suspect. What would you say if some moron had given Uncharted 2 a 5.8, clearly there would be reason to smell a rat.

  • PatriotDye

    “Though a few people have opted to buy Red Dead Redemption instead, Alan Wake will be Microsoft’s top seller this month.”

    Lol! Alan Wake on the 360 WILL NOT globally outsell Red Dead Redemption on the 360. Alan Wake will sell decent as a whole for its first month, but yet again Rockstars game will go gangbusters at the charts. For Red Dead we’re looking at a good 2 million on 360 alone for its first month. Alan Wake, more likely around a respectable 400k or so. Apparently it takes more than a biased editor at a 3rd rate gaming website to realize it.

    • Wait….how many rates are there for websites?? 3rd is pretty good ain’t it? Yes!!!! And just to think, this is a drink tip website, somebody is doing something right here…..a self blog turned 3rd rate gaming site!!!! yes!!!! celebration time!!! ‘Litigator, bring the girls, I got the drinks, Juice bring the tunes, Denoch bring the confetti, Liv bring the food, Kosamus bring the napkins.. we made it TQfam, we made it!

      By the way I’m picking up red dead redemption thanks to sharp. PS3 though.

      I wonder what the numbers will be for that game at the end of the month.

      • PatriotDye

        3rd rate: Shitty/Awful

  • Wasdw

    Fable 2 was a joke, Alan Wake was raped into a shooter. You’re confused.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R


    Your points are valid. My opinion is my opinion. If you actually paid attention to the article, you would realize the same argument you just made, I made. 360 Gamers buy shooters or anything that shots.

    When i said ‘a few people have opted,’ I’m speaking about those people who were actually invested in this game. Those who wanted to buy it but decided to go with the other game because of reviews or friends.

    That said, I want to thank you for posting here. I don’t even OWN a 360 because I don’t want to support a broken console. So when you open your mouth and stick your foot in it, know that we don’t judge you. Thanks for posting our on lowly gaming website. Your lack of tact is well…we’ll just let your negativity attest to your intelligence.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R


    I am confused only by your statement.

    1) Fable 2 sold 3.5 so I guess after doing the math (3.5 million x $40 (lowest price over the last few months) , you’re saying Fable 2 was a failure?

    2) “Alan Wake raped into a shooter”

    ??????? Do you mean that it was raped by the shooter. If so, thanks for proving my point.

  • kancerkid

    I was wondering how the writer came to the conclusion that this game has “mixed” reviews. Is he looking at the same site as me ? Does he have inside information?

  • Avi


    Why do you insult people that read your article? How many others do you think will return to this site?
    Why do you call yourself Litigator? Are you in court a lot? Do you litigate? Judging by some of your replies you do not LITIGATE, and if in fact you are a qualified attorney you must be a very poor one

    Back to the point – your article is crap


  • Alan Wake was a good game for a thrill ride. Not really jump out of your seat scary but a good game!