PlayStation Blog to Host Biggest E3 Meet-Up Yet

Back in 2008, the PlayStation Blog had a very humbled E3 community meet-up party at a King Taco in Los Angeles California, a location that maxed at 35 people. In 2009 the Sony Blog turned it up a notch and hosted their E3 community meet-up at a local Tamales restaurant “Mama’s Hot Tamales” in Los Angeles California, with more room, more people and more gaming interaction as well. This year for E3 2010, the PlayStation Blog will host the biggest E3 PlayStation Blog meet-up yet says Jeff Rubenstein- (Sony Social Media Manager).

A user asked via the comments pane:

“hey Jeff will there be a meet up this year for e3?”

Jeff responded

“YES! And it will be our best one yet. Details will be announced when all the contracts are signed, etc.”

Expect the 2010 E3 PlayStation Blog Meet-up/Party to be bigger than ever, with more food, more prizes, more people, a bigger location, and hopefully early access to unreleased video games and hardware.

Who’s going?? And what would you like to see at this year’s PlayStation Blog Party? Will PlayStation MOVE be on deck?

  • MetalGearRising

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  • PP

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  • SKCshifty

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  • Siggy

    Damn i wish I was going to E3. Unlike the 3 responses above I like playing all video games on all consoles. You kids need to graduate from school and grow up because you have no idea what a true gamer is.

  • Will

    Wow… Looks like there’s just a buncha fanboys trolling the comment section.

  • It’s actually the same person who posted those 3 hate comments.

    But anyway, PSBlog does it bigger every year, but that has to do with the gamers. a couple of years ago the PS3’s popularity was not what it is today. I’m hoping they have the PS MOVE at this event, I’m ready to try it out.

  • lol

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  • Banshee

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  • Banshee

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  • Doom


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  • MetalGearRising = PP= SKCShifty

    LOL I can’t till E3 when Sony announces all those good games that you wish you could play, but you can’t because your a sad f*ck!!

  • Phoenix3309

    I am so ready for E3 and I hope I will get to go to this blog party it sounds fun. I really want to try out the Move too Desz. And I want to play Naughty Bear lol yeah sounds funny but I want to be the cute little bear with the chainsaw.

    And as for all of the comments from the crazy lunatic MetalGearRising… Well all these blogs make you look like a looser I bet you don’t have a girlfriend huh?… I know I wouldn’t date a guy who is so hateful and close minded. Maybe you should stop sending hateful posts and play that 360 of yours more often. Really! Its just sad that you are not happy with yourself or the world around you… maybe you need to see a psychiatrist or tell your mother to love you more. Anything to make you a better person. It’s too bad that people have a good thing going, then people like you try to ruin it. Anyway you will never change anyone’s mind on how they feel about the PS3 or TQcast… Sorry but you just end up looking like a “douchebag”.

  • lol@1st3comments

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  • Kosamus

    The Sony Blog party sounds like fun. June needs to hurry!