TQcrush Episode 3


TQcrush Episode 3 Live: Hosted by Phoenix and Kitsune @ allgames.com TQgirls bringing you the latest gaming and tech news, song of the week.Kitsune’s Kitchen and much more… also some thoughts from Loserly, plus much more.

Today’s Topics:

Children and Gaming:
EA Continuing Battle Against Used Game Sales with “Online Passes”
Man Creates Video Game to Propose to Girlfriend.

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  • El Kontakt

    Great episode I enjoyed it, I still miss Kitsune :). The part that got me filled with laughter was when you had that caller.

  • Loved it! Had no idea Loserly was Mexican, she looks like a strait guera. Good stuff.

    Regarding kids and games. I think kids’ get bored of games as well, and if they don’t then that is when you need to put a stop to it.

    Take your kids to the basketball court, pool, park, bike riding, show them that there is more than just video games.

    That Jaime dude was crazy!!