Sony E3 2010 Preview: Confirmed Games

Sony has just sent out a press conference update with confirmed news. This year Sony has sent out a preview of what is expected at the show. Here is a list of games to expect at the Sony E3 2010 Press conference.

– Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
– ModNation Racers (PSP)
– PS3 with PS MOVE Party
– Socom 4 (PS3)
– PS3 with PS MOVE Sports Champions
– PS3 with PS MOVE The Shoot
The conference has been push back half an hour to 12:00pm PST. So what are they keeping from us? This has to be just a minimal update, expect much more to come at E3 2010. Nice way to tease the real announcements. Check it out for yourself! – PlayStation E3

  • Bungie

    PS3 is a toy lol what a bunch crappy games

    • lol, I’m sure those are not the only games, it would defeat the purpose of the conference. If they only showed those games I would be hating as well, but Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will be going all out this year regardless on your console preference.

  • Siggy

    I hope they release Gran Turismo 5 this year. That game is the biggest tease in the history of video games. I also hope Sony has more promising games to show.