Blue Agave Episode 2.8874-7

Blue Agave is back after updates and patches to our second episode “2.8874-7”. On this show we have special guest yodathethird aka “where is you dome son”. Join us Denoch, Kosamus, and Phoenix as we talk all around community news.

What have we been playing
Iron Man 2, and T.V. shows
Community News
and much more.

  • Good show Blue! This is seriously the TQcast Podcast that’s speaks gaming, you guys covered so much in so little time. Although I will say I had to turn down the volume a few times when it seemed like you were about to spoil GOW3 and Splinter Cell. Good to hear Yoda as the first TQfam on the show.

  • I haven’t been able to download it to my phone yet so I’ll have to listen when I get home. Been looking forward to the next episode and now that I know Yoda was in the house, I’ll definitely be tuning in.