Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo: What Will Be Their Secret Reveal At E3?

E3 2010 is just one month away, and the E3 rumors, speculations and some actual facts have surfaced the internet. While most speculations are far-fetched, a few make perfect sense and the evidence justifies them. But how about the secret announcements? The announcements that catch most people off guard during E3 press conferences. You better believe that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have something up their sleeve, but what could it be?

Sony has plenty of weapons already lined up, and others that are already getting the internet in a frenzy, but what will their big bang be?

PSPgo 2/Phone?
Although not a huge secret, a PSPgo 2 may very well be in the works to bounce back from the PSPgo. Perhaps phone capabilities? You better believe that Apple affects everybody, and Sony is ready to go all out.

3D everything:
A 3D announcement for all PlayStation MOVE games sounds familiar, but having them presented LIVE might change many people’s view in PlayStation MOVE and 3D. Expect 3D glasses to be given prior to entering the Sony Press Conference. Heck the conference may be in 3D.


Microsoft is not going to let Sony take E3. Microsoft may have the most secret weapons this year. Why is that? Well, we know that the Natal part of the conference will be separate than the actual Microsoft conference, so expect tons of new games, and services announced with that amount of time.

Shenmue 3
Shenmue 3 is just an example of what Microsoft is aiming for. Microsoft needs to expand their exclusive game library, and Shenmue is the game that many have asked for a few years now, and having this title announced for Microsoft will really create hype.

Xbox Slim
Not confirmed: A smaller version of the current 360 model may be announced, explaining the new console, and how they started from the ground up. And yes say goodbye to the “red ring”, and say hello to a jaw dropping price.

And of course Xbox LIVE. Whatever they show regarding Xbox Live the service, may shock even Sony.


Nintendo has been very quite thus far, a little too quite. Last year Nintendo was the most disappointing of all, so expect a HUGE announcement by Nintendo.

Wii HD:
Why would it be a surprise? Let’s face it, most Nintendo rumors turn out false, but Nintendo is concerned by both Natal and MOVE. Expect an announcement that might seem as Sony and Microsoft are still not revolutionizing anything.

What secret announcements do you think Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have up their sleeve? And who will dominate E3 2010?

  • Shenmue 3 is an odd choice in there, but an interesting one. Special Editions of the first two games are really needed first, but I don’t know how likely this is to happen.

    Xbox Slim wouldn’t surprise me, but PSPgo 2 would, as by now even Sony must have realised that PSPgo was an unqualified failure.

  • Dion

    Kinda odd post to be honest. The secret reveals of hardware don’t really bother me, that’s more for the media and casuals imo. It’s the games that will be the stars of the show for gamers.

  • o0 RECON 0o

    Ithink we will see Gears of War 3D based on a post at cliffy b’s twitter about it being nice to have a night off 3D. I think the dash will go virtual/3D and avatars will be natal navigated. Natal to put you or your avatar in the games in full animation. You tube. And a next gen console announced for release in 2010 or 2011. telus tv for canada. and a slew of other cool new stuff… there i said it…

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  • Morris

    Nintendo are still using the Blue Ocean strategy except with a new Hardcore stream running along side it. .. If nintendo follow what they did with the DS and the Wii they will test the 3D waters with the 3DS.. then if it works out wait for enugh people to have 3D TV then release a new console.. which means we might not see a 3DHD nintendo console untill after the 3DS has been a hit for a year or 2.. and 3D tv are in every ones homes (another cupple of years ontop of that).

    I think the Highest possibility is that Nintendo will marked the 3DS to the hardcore PSP gamer market.. and make the 3DS more powerful than the Wii.. but give it the ablity to send its video output to the wii kinda like what Microsoft is doing with Zune/xbox psp/ps3 3ds/wii

    if the 3DS is actually really powerful it could in a sense.. “turn the Wii HD” via sending its video signal to the wii via wifi (which is possible with new software tech)

  • ps3 is DEAD

    Xbox360 slims + Natal bundle… a knockout blow for sony at E3.

    This xmas Microsoft will outsell the ps3 by atleast 3 to 1. sonys ripoff wiimote (move) is pretty damn lame and will NOT capture the publics imagination.

    Natal will blow the ps3 out of the water…

    Game over sony… you are OUT.

    • None

      @ps3 is DEAD

      You know that eye toy is just like Natal……

      And last year Sony had like a 100x better everything against Ms, and Agent they have a lot to announce on that title which will make the new splinter cell game which was a let down look like a piece of sh*t.

  • PantherDST

    You have got be joking… “Shenmue is the game that many have asked for a few years now” What planet are you from? Here on Earth nobody cares about this game.

  • blib

    You must live on Bizarro earth PanterDST.

  • shu72843

    The platforms,I you want a masterpiece in your collection,then sony,nintendo or microsoft make shenmue 3…or try with shenmue 1 and 2 on xbla,wii,psn.

    Enough games like killzone,gear of war…it’s time for shenmue.
    I like games with guns,but they are already a lot games like this.

  • o0 RECON 0o

    e3 is about more then games for gamers today, hence why they announce more then games at e3. im all about innovation and what else my console can do for me then just game. games keep coming all year, there is no magic halo around the games at e3.

    oh and they might even release a phone service. or messenger spaces.

  • 1) Even if Xbox 180 (half the size and half the price) comes out, people like me still won’t buy it.

    a. Their library of games pales in comparison to the PS3’s.
    b. Reliability is unproven still.

    2) If Shenmue 3 was announced, I would have to reconsider not purchasing a Xbox 180 at that point. Maybe I would just use a friend’s to play that game. but that’s a major title for anybody who played it before.

    3) As far as Natal is concerned, I don’t know about blowing the PS3 Move out of the water. Natal will end up costing gamers much more. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming article on the capabilities of Natal. While it may cost more, Microsoft has the upper hand right now. Unforunately, if you look at their library of games, Natal may be prove to be a one trick pony. I hope that is not the case.

    • o0 RECON 0o

      Obviously your a fan boy of sony. Microsoft will blow sony out of the water this E3, just like it did last E3! Not sure what your on kid, but Microsoft is owning in game sales aswell! Your on an island by yourself and have no clue what your missing on the mainland! Best of luck to you.

  • StatinFacts

    Look at the facts before you go off randomly insulting people. Microsoft is leading in sales right now, but Sony definently had the better year. There are statistics that state if the ps3 and xbox continue at their current rate of sales (which I’m not saying they will as alot can change) the ps3 will be outselling xbox overall by this time next year. Also, the xbox had over a one year head start on the ps3. Bad move by Microsoft. They obviously rushed bringing their system out and now it has a 33% failure rate.

    • o0 RECON 0o

      sony was a year late because of chip defects and blu ray problems in the factory, get a clue! Microsoft was on time, sony was late. hence their inability to bring the price down! dumb ass! A HUGE PERCENTAGE OF COMPANIES (if not ALL) have some sort of defect to their product(s), that does NOT equate to them rushing their product. Look at how many defects the ps1 and 2 had! WAY MORE then 360! And ps3 defect numbers are climbing.. Difference between microsoft and sony is that microsoft acknowledges their mistakes and fully takes responsibility and fixes them for free. Sony tried to hide they had massive issues and said to each comlainer the problem was limited to their console and they would have to pay to have it shipped and fixed. This didnt go on long before a class action lawsuit was filed against them.. Sony refused to take anymore ps2’s back and warehouses for EB were expanded. And now sony with their ps3 has constantly removed hardware from their system, take a look at what was originally promised the system would have before release then look at what it actually has now on its latest version. FUCKING LIES! FUCK SONY! LAME ASS COMPANY! I could go on and on forever about their fucking garbage back door business!

  • DevilDogA99

    Sony needs to make PSN better, make shure the Move isnt over priced, and bring a hard core action game that allows multiple players including the people sitting next to u to face off and play the main campaign & if possible side mission stuff like R2 did… u know kinda like how Halo & Gears plays right now… oh & voice messaging dear god these things are so simple why wont Sony listen!???

  • ufo8mycat

    You need to get some fcats straight instead of typing inaccurate information.

    First of all, Sony won last years E3.
    Secondly, since the PS3 has been out, it has been outselling the 360 worldwide
    Thirdly, the 360s exclusive lineup is absolutely atrocious compared to the PS3′. Both in quantitiy and quality.

    So given the 3 facts above, how exactly is the 360 blowing the PS3 ‘out of the water’?

    Denial is denial

    • Charles

      I think you both need to learn what facts are.

      Who won E3 is a matter of opinion. Some say Sony, some say MS, and a few say Nintendo. It doesnt matter what you or anyone else thinks though. Who won is never a fact

      Who had the better line up is also opinion. If you go by sales though. MS clearly beat Sony in software sales. PS3 has an attach rate of 6.5 close to the Wii while the 360 has over an 8. Oh and if the exclusives are so good why is the best selling PS3 game a Multiplatform shooter? COD
      Lastly the PS3 has not been outselling the 360 since its release worldwide. The gap was 5million went up to 6 million and now since the slim model came out there are in fact outselling them WW. but it hasnt always been that way.

      Now I dont own either console for various reason, I just wanted to point out how your “facts” were anything but. Oh and Nintendo i killing both of them in every way that really matters. Fighting over second place is kinda pointless.

  • PS3 Lost

    Of course your not buying it Litigator your a Sony fanboi, and always have been. Your opinion falls flat because ANYTHING sony does is awesome to you. Sony will try to force 3D gaming to the forefront to push thier 3D television business. Thats all they will have is 3D. No big titles to announce except Socom 4 and Little big planet 2?… fanbois will hype these fuckers like there the next coming… Sonys only two big titles that everyone was waiting for has already come and gone.