MOVE Into The Next Generation

How many videos have you watched where gaming professionals claim the PlayStation Move is nothing more than a copycat Wii because of the mini games currently offered? Or perhaps you’ve read a review where testers comment that the future of these devices depend on the software that will be released? No crap Sherlock!?!

Sony and their developers don’t need to know the obvious. They need ideas and creativity. They need to know how to use PlayStation Move to make your favorite games better. Motion gaming is going to evolve with or without you, however, the pace at which it progresses is all up to us.


As was shown with SOCOM 4, the sub controller works as primarily for directional purposes while the Move controller is used for arming. The buttons are still there to take care of firing and even some equipment management if necessary.

You need to melee that jambroni in front of you? Use the Move controller to pistol whip him, crack him with your rifle Uncharted style, or slice your foes up with a knife. Tuck your move controller down towards your waistband and then hold the trigger button to cook a grenade. To toss it, just make that motion with the Move controller. Perhaps you’ve emptied your clip and you need your trusty pistol. Reach towards your waist line and pull the controller up as if you’re pulling a gun out of the holster, then point and fire. What about heavy artillery like a rocket launcher? Reach over your back until the colored ball is no longer visible to your eyes, then bring it back over your shoulder or in case of a turret gun, in front of you. Then unleash hell upon your enemy.

From Call of Duty to third person shooters like Uncharted, these controls can be modified to make these games more realistic and dare I say, more fun.

MMO / RPG / Action – Adventure

This may perhaps be the greatest boon to consoles as the motion controls allow a lot of things to be freed up on the button interface.

Your primary weapon whether gun, bow, sword, or staff could be controlled with the Move controller. Depending upon the type of game, you could even bring in a second Move controller or use the Sub controller for moving. Inventory control can be as simple as pressing a button on your Move controller and moving to that particular item. In games like WoW or the upcoming DC Universe for the PS3, performing the right moves and timing is absolutely crucial to survival. Developers could either use the Move controller as a substitute for a mouse allowing the game to play exactly as it would on a PC or they could opt for specific motion controls such as making circles with the Move controller prompting some type of wind power. Of course, the colored balls on the ends could be used for extra visual effect.

Even in games like God of War, the Move controller can add some punch. Perhaps grabbing an opponent can be done by thrusting the Move controller and then the rest is determined by your own movements. Punch the guy in the face or lift both Move controllers above your head tear him apart. What about using the two Move controllers to swing around Kratos’ blades or perhaps slash up foes with Wolverine’s claws in an X-Men game? Of course everybody would love to see a Star Wars game where we get to control a light saber.


While this is probably the first genre that comes to mind when motion controls are mentioned, it is also the most tedious to adapt because there’s a serious conflict. Sports such as soccer, rugby, and racing have actions that require your feet to be tracked. That said, this is nothing that can’t be fixed with a few add-ons such as maybe strap on balls for your feet. Don’t go there! But when you consider most sports involve some type of object projected in one direction another, the Move is a natural replacement for standard controller. Take your free throws, toss up a Hail Mary to your best receiver, or triple-deke to beat the goalie all with the MOVE controller.

While these lists do not cover everything, when you think about it, there’s not one single genre where motion controllers couldn’t be used to enhance gaming. Whether it’s using the Move controller as a flashlight in a horror game or letting kids circle letters of the Alphabet, PlayStation Move opens up gaming to younger audiences and even those who admonish consoles for keeping people on couches. In fact, motion controls will most likely tire gamers quicker and actually result in many people having healthier gaming habits.

Yes…motion controllers do have limits. There’s still major questions concerning movement and managing tasks when you use two Move controllers. There’s still no way to track feet and balancing the use of motion controls in games is highly subjective. But these are all things that can be fixed with a little creativity. It’s time we stop making excuses and started finding answers

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  • Matt

    wii has 1on1 proof on the way with ZELDA so lets see if sony can do 1on1 with MOVE i doubt it plus myamoto has M+ game i think starfox,But EA have said with M+ Tigerwoods 2011 will have the most realistic video game golf-swing ever why are they not saying SONY MOVE has best TW2011 golf swing ect its because devs have already said M+ is over accurate and 1on1 is very much reality so u cant get better than 1on1 but sony will try and blag everyone its better when its not lets see if COD BO ps3 is as good as wiimote IR,Try not a chance MP3 60fps/COD WAR/COD REFLEX/CONDUIT/PES2010,ect all have controls not possible on MOVE not to the same level at least.

    • John Quincy

      You are incomprehensible. Learn to type/think/speak/communicate etc.

    • Tizack

      Well, whether or not the wii can do 1 to 1 movements… The downside of the wii is in the wii itself… The wii gets it done ok until you go outside of the graphical level of wii sports resort… If you want HD next gen graphics, or any of the other abilities, then you are out of luck. The wii is just too weak hardware wise to support it. You will only get that with the move on the ps3. I like playing the wii, but be honest, i will go to a game on the ps3 over the wii any day, just because the game will be smoother and look better on the ps3. If i can get motion control and camera(something else the wii didn’t have) and all the cool things that can be applied to using both… the ps3 is the ONLY place where you are going to get the best of every world… with the PS3 it really is in the hands of the developers how they choose to use the hardware.

  • Matt

    plus lets see a MOVE in white and black i mean a few people have got giddy saying MOVE looks better i dont think so WiiMote looks amazing in black way better then MOVE,Wiimote looks like game controller MOVE doesnt u need D-pad MOVE doesnt have 1,The wire inbetween Wiimote/nunchuck is practical for batteries ect just buy a ENERGIZER charging kit and charge wiimotes which then act as a power terminal for nunchuck/fight stick/classic pro/guitar/ect less charging/batteries needed MOVE will require u to charge every individual controller extention 1 word PAIN,Nintendo have nothing to fear sorry but the MOVE is a unconventional design ball at end,sphere in shape,no D-pad,almost impossible to make add-ons for it due to the ball,no IR pointer,no infared camera,RUBBISH SONY INABIT

  • Fuzia

    @Matt : I didn’t understand any of that bullcrap… but if you’re trying to have a serious wii vs ps3 debate… please, just stop.

  • Si

    I have ps3, im not buying wii, coz my tv is full HD 🙂 and thats games i want play, so im looking forwad to buy ps move.
    Socom4 on its own, is good reason to buy MOVE.

  • LBDz

    Matt, PS Move IS 1 to 1. Wii Remotes are NOT 1 to 1.

    You talk about wires joining the Wiimote/nunchuck , well years ago all controls used a wire/lead, but as time goes by and tech gets better, wires or leads are no longer needed. This shows that the PS3 Move has moved on with tech and made the step in the right direction.

    Batteries are built into PS3 controllers, and they be changed once they run out of power ( E-Bay for £3.00 ) so theres no problems at all. PS Move is doing the same thing as this, which is a good thing as that means we as the customer are NOT spending loads of money on replacement batteries, ( like we do on 360 controllers ). Plus having all these leads or wires in the way can restrict some gameplay.? But if you don’t mind the controllers being used with a lead you can use a Plug n Play kit on BOTH types of controllers.

    The PS Move is not like a Wii remote, it is much better than the OLDER Wii remotes. PS Move has a much greater sense of precision even better than using the Wii Motion Plus, There is much less of the jittery movement to the onscreen cursor compared to the Wii thanks to the colour changing ball and camera used with the PS Move remote.

    The PlayStation Move represents not a Wii clone but instead, the next evolution in motion control technology, which can be used to move objects in REAL 3D, unlike the Wii remote.

  • chulonyc

    Matt you sound like a complete idiot when you try to compare the Wii to the Ps3 move lol come on lets be serious people who have tried it have already stated its more precise and accurate and besides that why would i want to play a game such as Call of Duty that looks like straight crap on the Wii over a Ps3 where games look unbelievable and which everyone knows is the most powerful console on the market? Talk sense my man not gibberish and thinking you know something talking about 1 to 1 movements your a complete idiot comparing weak hardware to something years beyond smh fanboys nowadays!!!

  • Edge

    Matt are you 10yrs old. I have a wii and IMO it’s good not great. Having to pay extra for a M+ to add to my wiimote sucks. Having to replace batteries on a controller that I hardly use sucks. Having wires connect my wii controllers sucks. I like some of the games the wii has to offer but as the wise people above me stated the wii is limited by hardware.
    I hope the PS move gets some good Strategy games (hint* Square Enix make a proper: Front Mission), and Wii developers don’t feel shy about bringing your Wii games to PS3.

  • The truth

    What’s the deal with all the Sony fanboys?

    Anyways, it’s great for Sony, Although Natal is more interesting since I do own a Wii(Move is practically the same thing the Wii is).

  • I’ll be honest, I cared less about PS Move when it was first announced, much like Litigator states in this article, I claimed it was a Wii copy Kat. But I have to say; until I give it an actual try, I will keep my peace. I didn’t think that PS Move would become one of my most anticipated things to look out for at E3 this year. It is.

    By the Way, bring Trauma Center HD to PS3 MOVE!

  • Kosamus

    Many of the commenters I believe are nintendo fanboys. You can tell by the 3rd grade level of grammer and sentence structure. Actually, a 3rd grader makes more sense than Matt anyday, Sorry for picking on you, but your mom should let you out of the basement more.

  • @the Truth

    Seriously…what have you seen from Microsoft that makes it more interesting?

    It’s like FACT versus FICTION at this point.