ModNation Racers’ Load Times Suffer Extra Long

The much anticipated Modnation Racers for the PS3 is only weeks away from release, and a few sites have already received review copies of the game. Apparently, the game is taking an extra long time to get to the main menu, let alone an actual race. The game requires to install it on the PS3’s HDD, and even then, the game’s load times are dreadfully long. Let’s just hope that this all gets fixed prior to release, or through a quick patch after release. The last thing you want is to show off your brand new fast PS3 console, and have people waiting longer, than actually playing.

Check out the Arstechnica video below for an example of the long load times.

If you would like to test out the loading times for the demo of Modnation Racers for the PSP, leave a comment below with your thoughts on the PS3 version? Will you still buy it day one, or wait for a fix? We will hook up one lucky winner with a demo code for Modnation racers for the PSP. Goodluck! comment as much as you would restrictions.

Puya Arstechnica!

  • Jaim7

    I won’t be getting this. I have only a PSP and Wii.

  • Duke

    Still a first day for me. I’ll work on my homework during the load times.

  • Paulm

    Because it’s a PS3 game, I buy everything PS3. lol

  • Colin Barr

    I’m not sure if I’ll get this day one with the other games being released this month. It does look brilliant and will buy it regardless of the loading times.

  • Kosamus

    I really hate load times, especially ones that take 3:35 to start a game. Not a 1st day buy for me.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Hmmm. I really don’t care too much about load times.

    I’ve been through hell for years with numerous WWE games so load times are really nothing new to me. After playing in the ModNation Racer beta, I already expected load times to be there.

    You have to remember when you log into the game, you’re logging into an online world. It has to update all the stats and get all the updates.

    Day 1 Buy for me. The beta was awesome and the load times are well worth the wait.

  • Yodathe3rd

    I didn’t think the load times were that bad in the beta and no matter what this game is a day one purchase for me. I have the game fully payed off can’t wait to get back into this game.

  • Adam

    The game look awesome but I really don’t have the money for it now. What a shame.

  • Tim

    I will still buy it. It looks like a great game. I tried the beta and it was good then.

    I can take a little loading.