TQcrush Episode 2


TQcrush Episode 2 Live: Hosted by Phoenix and Kitsune @ allgames.com TQgirls bringing you the latest gaming and tech news, song of the week.Kitsune’s Kitchen and much more… also some thoughts from Loserly, plus much more.

TQcrush, playing, for free!

  • I eat you up, good track Kitsune! I like dance tracks.

    720p video on the iPhone? Whoa!!! I’m ready to upgrade, I hope the rumors are true.

    Good point on Adobe Liv, Adobe needs to realize that we want faster everything. I won’t be surprised if Adobe announces Adobe Flash slim.lol A faster, more reliable and automatically installed plug in.

    You just made me hungry Kitsune!

    “My name is Desz Martinez and I’m addicted to TQcast. ” wow, that felt good.