Iron Man 2 Movie Review

Sequels are always scrutinized because the general opinion is…well they usually suck. Prepare to abandon that thought because Iron Man 2 kills it.

Tony Stark’s creation of the Iron Man prototypes were indeed amazing but in the second installment of the series, we once again find out what’s too good to be true usually is. Tony Stark faces his problem with his usual bravado and lone wolf tactics until he’s forced to rethink his approach by Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), the United States government, and even his own allies.

What sets this apart from most sequels is that we find out just enough about Tony Stark’s past to truly understand his personality and at the same time learn more about his new nemesis’ motivation for retribution. However, this new information and all the branches of the story feel like a natural progression of the first movie. Iron Man 2 does not suffer from having too much story or plot holes that take away from the action either.

The fight scenes are incredibly entertaining and even more important Stark’s personality shines through when dressed as Iron Man. The same could be said of his friend Lt. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) who does an outstanding of counter-acting Tony’s futuristic weaponry with military tactics and good old-fashion firepower as War Machine.  Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) also brings the pain much to everyone’s delight in the theater. While her moments in combat are brief, she leaves a lasting impression on both the audience and several of the actors in the movie.

The acting in Iron Man 2 is about as good as it gets. Every character is believable and most are true to their nature. Out of all the newcomers, Don Cheadle was the biggest surprise. His demeanor allowed him to accommodate the military role needed and also added some serious punch behind his one liners.The casting for the movie was surprisingly spot on as all the newcomers add star power without sacrificing the plausibility of the Iron Man universe.

The visuals and audio were of course top notch but something I feel really can’t be judged properly in a theater as too many variables are involved. Let’s just say I liked what I saw and what I heard. It was an impressive display that put a smile on my face and even my wife’s who could not believe she enjoyed the movie so much.

Iron Man 2 is definitely on par with the first movie and abolishes any notions of “sequelitis.” This is a must see movie and definitely on my pre-order list for purchase on Blu-Ray. Iron Man 2 gets 5 out of 5 michelas.

  • Ok, I’m pumped now. I read several reviews last week with bad scores.
    Good stuff Lit!

  • maggot

    WHAA how? this comes out tomorrow in north america 🙁

  • 5 Michelas? oh wow! I have plans to go watch this tomorrow!

  • Litigator had the hook up via TQ. They sent him to the red carpet unveil.

  • Phoenix33

    You are a lucky man Litigator. Iron Man 1 has been one of my favorite movies in my top 5 even. I’m really excited about 2 now. I can’t wait to see it.

  • Kosamus

    I want to see this flick so much! Now I must see it even more after reading the TQreview!

  • Thanks guys. Yeah…a lot of people go into the theater thinking to much. There’s nothing to think about with this movie. They give you everything you could desire.

    I’ve seen people complaining about Natasha Romanoff not speaking in a Russian accent but that argument makes little sense especially when you figure out what she’s really doing.

    I’m sure people will find things they don’t like. But I rate movies based on my enjoyment level. I would watch this movie 5 times in a row if I had enough time.

    I recently watched the first one again and I can’t say either is better than the other.

    But you guys make up your own mind…I loved it.

  • Well, I just saw the movie last night and it’s not a 5 out of 5…. lol

  • No, it isn’t 5/5. It’s good- and I agree with you for the most part L1T1G4T0R, that the film is smart and funny(wit is one thing IM2 has in spades) and it definitely does great things to further the material as a big screen comic adaptation. The actor with the least presence of them all(and I can’t believe I’m saying this) is Samuel L. Jackson. One word- putrid. And don’t get me started about the scene where Tony “upgrades” his lab! Gut-wrenchingly difficult to watch. It’s not gonna win any serious awards, but it will win your $10 to see it. Easily.

  • TigerClaw

    I saw it yesterday, Its way better then the 1st movie, I hope you all stayed after the credits for the extra scene.