TQVision Weekly May 3 2010

News and Stories this week:

Steve Jobs explains why Adobe flash sucks – via Hoffingtonpost.com
Adobe responds to Apple – via Gizmodo
Bungie and Activision cut a deal – via PlayStationlifestyle.net
Call of Duty: Black Ops drops November 2010 – via wouldyoukindly.com

  • Hoshneer

    A natural. 🙂

  • V8SuperCars

    Nice Live Vision LIV, interesting news this week with HTML5, i knew something was boiling after apple dissed Flash from upcoming products at the same time Apple have over taken M$ in terms of being the 3rd richest company surpassing M$ empire.

    And Activison Jumping on bungie, nice, there will be no Halo on PS3 but future games from Bungie will be nice to see on other consoles.