Sony Extended Protection Plan Comes to PS3 and PSP

Sony has announced an all new extended protection plan for the PS3 and PSP for very reasonable prices. Although this is only good for PS3’s and PSP’s currently under the 1 year mark of purchase, it truly gives the consumers the option to add an extra year or two with out having to buy one from the store in which the system was bought, for a much more affordable price. An added piece of mind, in case the yellow lights of death or a firmware upgrade unexpectedly bricks your system.

The plans are:

* PS3 – 1-year extension ($44.99) or 2-year extension ($59.99)
* PSP – 1-year extension ($29.99) or 2-year extension ($39.99)
* PSP Accidental Damage – 1-year ($39.99) or 2-year ($49.99)

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