Ok, it’s getting a bit annoying having to deal with these chain letters aka scams via the PSN. The latest being the reported ‘Free PSN Code generator website, that promises free $20 or $50 PSN codes if you refer friends to the site. Apparently, these chain letters that have floated around the PSN are a complete scam, and some how, hackers are using it to compromise your PSN account information, including your stored credit card info if any.

Protect yourself and spread the good word around. Instead of spreading the viral attack, spread the love, and tell your fellow PSN buddies that they should not be opening any links that sound too good to be true. Second, if you have opened or checked out the link, remove your stored credit card if any– via the PlayStation network site and reset your PSN password.

Sony, has not responded to these attacks, hopefully–it gets addressed asap. Spam filter Sony!!Or how about an extra sister site to the PSBlog, and Blog share, called PSN security. A place where the latest threats and attacks can be posted daily.

For now, delete the dumb ass friends that are forwarding these chain letters.

Puya Via PlayStationLifestyle and Ironstarmovement!