Say Hello to The iPhone 4G

Let’s first off give it up to Engadget for finally realizing they had an iPhone 4G photo for months now. After many rumors surfaced the net, it was clear, that someone knew something, the question is always “is it true?”. Well today, Engadget has put the pieces to the puzzle together, and have pretty much unveiled the new iPhone 4G.

The things we do know about the iPhone 4G according to Engadget’s sources, are the following:
– Higher res screen on-board,
– A front-facing camera,
– A higher resolution camera with flash
– Supports MicroSIM cards

I think the best feature about the new iPhone, is the manly look. latest iPhones were looking too feminine. Welcomes back, Fat look. And check out the detachable battery, umm, smells like Verizon was here.

Puya Engadget!

  • Holy crap! I can’t wait for this to come out!

  • I’m too holding off. If this indeed is Verizon, bye bye AT&T.

  • joe

    that looks like one of those iphone clone phones in china

  • El Kontakt

    @Joe naw man I think apple has confirmed a missing prototype iPhone 4G

  • Yeah it’s pretty much confirmed. Gizmodo, Engadget are 99% sure.

  • This thing looks sweet!!! I’m getting it fo sho!

  • Kosamus

    Heard they paid $10,000 just to get their hands on it. Wish I found something that awesome. Hell, I would be happy just getting an iphone finally.

  • Kosamus

    Ok, guess it was only $5000. But still, awesome find. Even if the whole situation sounds like a new form of APPLE viral marketing.