Blue Agave Episode 1

Blue Agave Episode 1 is here and ready to give you the best aftertaste a TechQuila can have. Blue Agave is created by not only TQstaff, but the TQcast community, in which we like to call “TQFam”. Join TQstaff: Denoch, Kosamus, and Phoenix33 aka Liv, as they bring you the very first episode of Blue Agave.


E3 expectations and Wishes
PS3 Trophy Talk
Community News
And much more!

  • Wow, Denoch That was some funny shit,–You were like “the chat room is going crazy!! hahahahahahahaha.

    I really enjoyed the show. First off Denoch, for being your first time hosting a show, you set the tempo quite well. And Kosamus you sound like you have done this more than once before, very informative, and responded at right times. Liv, two words —co-llage. lol..but seriously you had to be the most surprising. I knew you would do good, but you really sounded savvy and fun. great show guys!

    Can’t wait for the next one.

    One question Denoch. Out of the 20 platinum trophies you have. How many of those were earned with easy platinum trophy games? And give us a list of the games.

    Kosamus: Fallout 3 for the PS3? ever?

    Liv: I know what you are covering at E3. I can see it now. Phoenix33 says PlayStation Move is far more accurate than the Wii. Video after the break…lol

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    For some reason, I’m having problems listening to the feed.

  • Phoenix33

    Humm I can’t listen to it either. I didn’t have a problem earlier.

  • Kosamus

    Works for me, sounds good to me except toward the end when my voice started breaking up.

  • V8SuperCars

    y0 Great show guys n girls, good to hear this gone live and kicked off, well done,
    The show started a little slow but once you guys got into the grove it was great listening. Will be sure to tune in more.

  • Hoshneer

    Keep up the good work guys!