PS3 SlimGo Announced

Just when you thought the PSPgo didn’t have a chance in these times of convenient, small, and sexy looking handhelds; Hairo a Japanese peripheral maker announces an attachable LCD screen that will turn your PS3 Slim, into a PS3Slimgo. The LCD screen supports up to 720p resolution. No word on how it will be powered, but we are guessing with some sort of battery pack. And we hope for some short cables, or a cable management kit to go with it. The LCD screen attachment will be available in Japan this May for $275. No word on when it will hit Europe or the States .

Puya Kotaku!

  • Phoenix33

    This seems interesting. But I’m not sure if I want to carry my PS3 slim around with me everywhere I go. I’m always on it as it is.

  • I really can’t afford to connect to screens when I’m out and about. If my PSP had trophies, I wouldn’t worry about it. I may have to bite on this one if it ever becomes available to purchase here.

  • Siggy

    I think the screen is too smqll to enjoy PS3 games.

  • I don’t see use for this now a day. Although I wouldn’t turn it down if it landed in the TQHQ for review. But this is definitely something I would have bought when I was in my early 20’s.

  • Well. Not really what I expected, but you may have produced me assume about this topic from one more perspective. Good job.