God of Marketing: Starring Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler is no stranger to the PS3 community, he has become the face of the PS3, and the success in the marketing department we all hoped Sony would get right one day. Kevin Butler has helped Sony sell PS3’s and the numbers have proved it. Peter Dille (SCEA’s head of marketing) stated that the ‘It only does everything’ campaign is working; and you know who to thank for that. Ladies and gentleman without further ado, we present to you, Kevin Butler with new title, “God of Marketing”. Below is a compiled set of TV commercials Kevin has started in, as well as random Kevin Butler images proving he is a total bad ass.

“Purchase intent went from 19 percent prior to the price drop, to 36 percent after the ‘It only does everything campaign. Competitors have fallen during the same time’. – Peter Dille Interview via IGN UK

Big thank you, and great job to all the Kevin Butler fans via Facebook for their Photoshop skills and dedication. You have turned Kevin Butler in to the Chuck Norris of Sony. Thank you Fanta! Big Ups DOOM CMYK! Leave your name below if you want to be recognize as the artist of any of the Kevin Butler images in this picture slide.

  • TQ-Joe

    lol funny ass photoshop work there good looks

  • Siggy

    Damn good and funny photshop pics LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • The guy is pure genius. The beat commercials since the old Sega advertising. 🙂