Top Selling PS3 Games in 2010 Thus Far

With only 3 months in to 2010, the PS3 has 4 titles that have sold over one million copies, and a few more titles that are a short distance away from that one million mark.

As of March 27 2010

#1. Final Fantasy XIII (3.42 Million)

#2. God of War III (1.43 Million)

#3. Heavy Rain (1.02 Million)

#4. BattleField: Bad Company 2 (1.02 Million)

#5. MAG (720,000)

Other notable PS3 game sales:
Yakuza 3 700,000 copies
Bioshock 500,00 copies
Bayonetta 530,000 copies

All Sales Numbers According to VGChartz

  • slinky123456

    but isnt Yakuza 3’s mostly from japan. like 600,000 of it or did it actually sell well hear

    • Yes sir, it sold over 500,000 in Japan. So not too many copies here in the states.

  • yojim

    Yes, but Yakuza 3 came out a year later in the America’s. Yakuza 4 is under way this year in Japan.

  • Kosamus

    I would have bought Yakuza if they didnt cut 20% of the game out.

    • I gameflyed it, and have yet to touch the game. This gamefly subscription gets more expensive everyday.

  • Hmmmm didn’t see Red Dead Redemption up on that list. I think that game sold a lot of copies as well. If you are looking for the top ps3 games of 2010 you can check out my website on todays top purchased and rated ps3 games