Achievements and Trophies Only Reward the Developers

When Microsoft first released the Xbox 360 back in 2005, a very unique feature by the name of “Achievements” came along with it. This unique feature rewarded gamers for completing certain tasks within the game, such as; completing the game, defeating a boss or even pressing start on the main menu such as EA’s Fantasy Football. This small and new innovation feature became so popular within the gaming community that Sony soon released their own version of achievements for the PlayStation 3 called “Trophies”. Although slightly different, the concept remained the same. For every trophy or achievement the gamer unlocks; the gamer increases their trophy on the PS3 or their gamer score on the 360.

5 years later on the Xbox 360 and 2 years later on the PS3, the question remains the same; what is the purpose for achievements and trophies, besides bragging rights? The Initial concept appeared to be a brilliant idea, but other than a spice challenge back in 2007 for the Xbox 360, and some random website urls on the PlayStation 3, how is Microsoft and Sony planning on rewarding gamers for countless amounts of hours spent unlocking these so called achievements and trophies?

Both Microsoft and Sony know how important these trophies and achievements are to many gamers, yet both companies’ plans appear to have been implemented for one reason and one reason only; to expose bad games to gamers that are willing to hunt for trophies and achievements on even the worst titles. At the end of the day, it is the developers that get the big reward–regardless on how good or bad the game is–it exposes the game to those who would have never even cared to rent the title. If these supposedly rewards didn’t exist– would we go back to a bad game and play it twice in some cases even more? Although Developers should get all praises for their hard work, gamers should get a piece of the pie for their hard earned money.

Sony and Microsoft should give us the ability to “cash” in our points/trophies in exchange for actual rewards.

Here are 10 15 ways that we can truly be rewarded.

1. Unlock accessories for our avatar
2. More powerful and stronger armor within the game
3. Main character’s residence becomes available within HOME. (Example: Bat Cave)
4. Free Arcade or PSN games.
5. Exclusive Game Content
6. Game discounts
7. Free Movie rentals
8. Blu-Ray coupons
9. Access to early Betas and Demos
10. Free Slurpee at 7-11
11. E3 badges
12. Signed video games from developers
13. PSN and Microsoft points
14. Free Access to
15. Game Fly dollars

What other ways can Microsoft and Sony reward us?

  • john

    I just want points i can redeem in the PSN store. I want to Dl some GH tunes for all the trophys I’ve got!! I dont even care so much about trophies, who the hell cares about bragging rights. Give me something for all those trophies i have aquired!!

  • that is the cool idea i have ever heard of i would like to get points or a avatar that will be cool but there is a game on the PS3 that gives you some thing when you get a platinum trophy and the game is uncharted 2 you get a secret corrector in the online part of the game you get the fat boy drake or a skeleton Marco polo.

  • Kosamus

    Great article Denoch!

    The main thing that achievements and trophies touch is the OCD in all of us. Plus it really puts that competitive edge against our friends! It’s also a great way to know how much your friends have experienced thus far compared to you. If anything, its all psychology of the human mind. Rewards are great in the physical form but what we really LOVE is feeling like we are better than someone else. Then again exclusive content unlocks is what i really want to see more of. I got 100% of the achievements on Fallout 3, it would have been nice to get all that avatar stuff for free for the loyal player. Im not complaining, I had a blast!

  • Fuzia

    In Uncharted 2 you get Marco Polo (Single Player/Multiplayer) and Genghis Khan is available for purchase (Multiplayer) when you have gotten platinum 🙂

    You also unlock other skins with hard/med difficulty etc.

    FF XIII gives you free themes for some of the hardest trophies too 🙂

    Of course, it should be PSN dishing out the rewards and not the developers ._.

  • Nice Denoch! I’ll take the free slurpee, and Access to early Betas and Demos. It is true though, Devs get all the rewards. When I was 13 I had my first love…and also–I never played through lame games more than once if that. I forced my self to play King-Kong for the 360 for the achievements, even though I was falling asleep half the time. I’m sure there are other fucked up games with lame trophies or achievements.

  • Good article Denoch.

    You know I love my trophies. I consider them my personal as bookmarks of my gaming history. I love going back and seeing how much I have accomplished as a gamer. It makes it seem like gaming is not so pointless anymore.

    Sure beating the game used to be the motivation, but seriously, how many games do you actually remember? With these achievements and trophies in place, I can recall quite a lot of them. More than I use to.

    I would love to be rewarded for trophies and achievements but I fear, especially with all the pirating going on Xbox Live, it may never happen. People getting achievements by playing illegal copies is something Microsoft can’t prevent yet. Sony has no excuse though so FAIL on their part.

  • Geoff220

    This was one of my favorite aspects about Assassin’s Creed II. I think Ubisoft is beginning a reward system that is more than just for points and hopefully MS or Sony will take notice.

  • bert

    Wow, the 15 reasons…are they jokes? We paid to play the game, it’s always been up to you to decide what you want to do with the achievements. There are just as many people who don’t care about achievements as those that do.

  • JaeVicious

    I like #14 and that should be the only reward.