Heavy Rain is a Wii Dream

When Heavy Rain was released, the first thing that came to mind was, “man, I can’t wait to see Madison Paige naked”. After a few hours in to the game, controlling Madison in the shower with a Dual Shock 3, I realized that Heavy Rain was indeed missing something. Although I had no problem with the controls, I felt like Heavy Rain needed a little more interaction to complement the game. Perhaps a blow up Madison Paige Doll or Flesh light, to simulate and stimulate the Madison and Ethan love scene? Or maybe a pair of real 3D glasses to go with Norman Jayden’s virtual office? But then it hit me, “why the heck didn’t Heavy Rain come bundled with a PlayStation Move controller?”. The game would have been that much more interactive, and sexy. And why isn’t this game on the Wii?

Playing video games with a Wii mote in the past, had some annoyances at first, but once getting used to the movements and timing, it works like a charm. There have been certain games that really get that extra excitement and interaction with a Wii mote, Such as: Resident Evil 4, Trauma Center games, and Golf games! A Heavy Rain Wii version would fit right in with this list.

With Sony recently confirming that the PlayStation Move will indeed work with Heavy Rain; which makes total sense and no surprise at all; how crazy would it be, to bring Heavy Rain to the Wii? The Wii is in most homes now a day, Heavy Rain has attracted the none hard core gamers, and since the beginning; let’s face it– Heavy Rain was made for the casual gamers, it was made to attract new comers; Heavy Rain would sell and be successful on the Wii, heck, it doesn’t even have to be the same exact story, and it would obviously be graphically downgraded, but it would still be successful for a few reasons: a wide range of gamers, great interaction, cheaper, and a good example of what the Wii mote can actually do. Heavy Rain and the Wii would complement one another quite well.

It is obvious that the PlayStation Move and Heavy Rain are meant to be, but if David Cage(Director of Heavy Rain) were to ever create a Heavy Rain for the Wii, it would work–It would work and it would sell; forget the talk about third party titles not selling on the Wii, if it is marketed like it should, the Wii can cause Heavy Rain damage.

  • maggot

    maaaaan wii doesnt have shit on the Move…

  • xino


  • Duh

    A serial child muderer mystery game on the Wii? Yup Nintendo would love to have that on their little family friendly system. Dumb ass article, all you had to do is look up quantic dream to see they like to push boundries not stay in them. Nintendo likes to play safe with games, but take risks with hardware the two companies are complete opposites. It will never happen. And also if you did your research David Cage has stated in multiple interviews the game was oringinally designed with and for a motion controller…..dun dun da… the Playstarion Move, it’s just a patch away at this point.

  • lee mitchell

    ditto to what “duh” says…plus heavy rain is in HD :p nintendos gotta stick with 8 bit shit lol,gotta go their own way,even if thats off an endless cliff

  • Tomas

    Heavy Rain wouldn’t work on the Wii, it wouldn’t sell on the Wii and it wouldn’t be that good with the Wii controller, unless you got Motion plus, and then it would sell even less.

    Without the polygon count, you don’t get the realistic faces, without the faces you don’t get the believable acting and without the believable acting half of the point with the game will be gone.

  • tarbis

    Admit that you’re on crack while making this article and I’ll accept it.
    Sure you can downgrade HR to less than sub-HD but it won’t sell. Both madworld and resident evil didn’t sell much for devs to break even, what more of this very mature game?
    It’s like putting a playboy DVD copy in the midst of Barney DVDs in the kid’s section in a video store.

  • dude, how long has it been that you entered the gaming world ?
    calling heavy rain a casual gamers game is the most retard thing to say.
    do you think playing fps games all day long will make you a real gamer?
    hell no, heavy rain is made by the same person that made fahrenheit, and i don’t think that game was for casual gamers.
    now lbp is what i call for casual gamers

  • If you actually read some of David Cage’s interviews, he states that he not only wants to attract the everyday gamer, but wants to bring new comers in to the Heavy Rain world. So stating that it was intended for new comers is pretty accurate, at the same time Heavy Rain would work for the Wii with a different version, and the author does state that as well. I think everybody is reading to much in to their own hate, that you guys forget to actually read interesting articles. The title is “Heavy Rain is a Wii Dream” the author obviously knows that it would not be reality, but it would work if like stated– “created differently”, graphically downgraded and perhaps a new story.

    This will probably push other devs to create something similar for the Wii, or other gaming systems. As a dev myself, I find it funny that people rule out the possibilities with out actually understanding what it takes to put the software together.

  • Velgent

    Actually it’s possible for a Heavy Rain-esque game to appear on the Wii, as 1, Sony don’t own QD and 2, Heavy Rain started as a PC exclusive in the first place.

  • Velgent

    Also despite not being an HD Capable system, the Wii is still able to produce games that are graphically not too far behind their PS360 counterparts as long as the game is developed correctly.

  • FlufferNutter

    Some of you need to get your head out of your ass. There are mature games on Wii, and they would sell better if there was any advertising, but third parties don’t seem to think that shit’s important. Also, half the time the store carrying those mature games don’t even know they’re coming.
    Wii remote/motion+ pioneered motion control gaming, doesn’t matter that we had to wait for 1:1, Nintendo made it a legitimate component to modern gaming period.
    Heavy Rain Wii would be welcomed and would probably sell quite well, and in case some of you guys haven’t noticed, Nintendo works with some devs/pubs to make sure we get some of these games.
    The stereotype that Wii or Nintendo is for kids only is slowly dying whether you like it or not, next gen should emphasize this.

  • JMoney

    “Some of you need to get your head out of your a$$. There are mature games on Wii…The stereotype that Wii or Nintendo is for kids only is slowly dying whether you like it or not, next gen should emphasize this.”

    @ FlufferNutter

    I agree completely. I do not own a PS3 OR XBox 360 but I do own a Wii and as much as it “caters” to casual gamers, the Wii does have several quality mature titles to choose from.

  • Wiiboys

    You people claiming the wii isn’t too far behind the ps360 and that wii has any supply of mature games (what, like 2 or 3?), and that nintendo as a kiddy console is dying (it’s been a kiddy console since day 1 ( nes and snes aside, as everything was kiddy then) n64, gamecube and wii have all been berated for their kiddy pandering) need to get your heads out of your asses. If you want these types of games, get a ps3 or, I guess, a 360. though i’d recommend the former… =)

  • Wiiboys

    Oh and just because the dev said he wants to attract newcomers doesn’t mean he made the game for them, or that it’s a casual game. Developers say that kind of thing all the time, to attract people like you.