New God of War Will Emerge

Beating God of War 1 on Spartan mode apparently unlocks the video above– “God of War – Fate of the Titan”. But what exactly does the video mean? According to many, the video may be referring to a new God of War game that may takes place in present times, or future–sort of a future spartan. While this might just be additional content on the God of War 1 disc, how do you explain the mysterious website that prompts when beating God of War III and achieving a platinum trophy? Seems that Santa Monica Studios may have something up their sleeve. My predictions: New God of War game announce E3 2010. What do you think? New game? New movie? DLC?

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    WHAT THE HELL???? How did this go unnoticed for so long? I bet they’re working on it as we speak!

    • E3 baby, people saying it’s too soon, but I can see it now–Jack brings in Santa Monica Studios at the E3 conference, and they announce “God Of War: Tall Spartan”

  • TigerClaw

    Greek mythology set in the modern world would be cool.
    Its been done in the movies, Just not in games.

  • maggot

    well for anyone who has actually played GoW3 would know that this NOT at all part of the next installment. Dez i would greatly recommend u finish GoW3 before posting stuff like this. Once u get to that certain part in the game u will know that this movie does not match the story in actual game.
    So too is the case for another unlocked movie in GoW1 (somewhere in utube by now) where it has kratos find his mother who tell him zeus is his father… of course as we all know Athena was the one who tell kratos that in GoW2. So it seems the developers have already ignore those 2 movies.
    THe only remaining movie from the first game that hasnt yet been ignored is the kratos brother one, so who knows we might see his brother in the next GoW

  • maggot

    This link has all 3 secret videos that are unlocked in GoW1