TQcast Episode 103

TQcast Episode 103 LIVE: Desz and Juice bring you TQcast 103– TQCrush is coming..(1:36)


TQCrush Announced! Play online with 2 fine TQ Girls.
A New God of War May be in the works, and it could take place in the present time.
Killzone 3, what do we want from it?
PlayStation Move and Heavy Rain are meant to be.
Heavy Rain Taxidermist Michela Review
MLB10 The Show PS3 Impressions
God of War III Glitches
Desz gets his second Platinum Trophy
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • Can’t wait for TQCrush!!! lol

  • maggot

    alrite…. so SPOILERS for GOW3!!!!!!!!!!! skip this if u dont want to know. BUT its in regards to the whole speculation for GoW4 in the show.

    1) first of all its WRONG!. IN GoW3 Kratos KILLS kronos…. u freaking kill the guy… he doesnt die off as the video says and all that. here the story in a nutshell. After retrieving pandoras box from the temple in the first game Zeus CASTS Kronos Away to the Pits of Tartarus ( the battlegrounds of the great war)as punishment where later in the story kratos will kill the guy. IN other words, kronos doesnt not live 1000 years longer and deffinitelly does not die on the desert O_______o
    2)The videos came from GoW1 (one) and whats more the PS2 version. NOT the collection ( it is included in the collection but it originally from the original game) Now since the creation of GoW1 Santa monica studio has gone thru 3 different game directiors, one for each of the games and so 2 out of the 3 videos have been ignored in the story of GoW so far