Upcoming Xbox 360 Titles That Can Settle the Score

With the PlayStation 3 on a crushing momentum, what does the Xbox 360 have to offer in the upcoming months? Well, you would be surprised to learn that they have a strong lineup just around the corner.

April 13 2010
Splinter Cell: Conviction (PC, Xbox 360)

Splinter Cell is back for the fifth time and is only 3 weeks away from its release. Sam Fisher is probably more pissed off than ever before, as he tries to uncover the truth behind his daughter’s death.

May 18 2010
Alan Wake (Xbox 360)

5 years in the making have to pay off for something right? Alan Wake is one of those titles that will be interesting to see how well it does, after being in development for so long. The plot and recent videos prove that it has great potential. We will find out on May 18.

July 6 2010
Crack Down 2 (Xbox 360)

Crack Down was an incredible, addicting surprise when it was first released; it is one of those titles that every 360 owner should either own or play through at least once. With Crack Down’s success, it was only a matter of time for a sequel announcement. Luckily for us, the announcement took place, and the release date has been confirmed for Crack Down 2; get those orbs on July 6 2010.

September 24 2010
Halo Reach (Xbox 360)

What can you say about the Halo franchise, other than it sells, and Halo Reach will sell. There is a secret reason behind all that financial success…Halo games are always good.

Also, Expected 4th Quarter 2010
Fable 3
Portal 2
Gears of War 3 (2011)

  • Hmmm, don’t you guys think Sony is holding back until E3?

    • I think they both have something up their sleeve for E3. I would love to see Gears of War 3 for both consoles, but I’m starting to think Gears will remain exclusive. Would be a financial mistake though.

      This E3, like we said last year “will be the biggest yet”!.

      • indyano

        Seeing Gears on the PS3 is like seeing God of war on the 360!!….in other word it’s not happening.

        • David Macphail

          Obviously you don’t research the games industry at all. God Of War is first party, Gears Of War is third party. So how are they under the same contract obligations?

          Pay attention, silly fanboy. Cliffy B said he wants Gears 3 to have good graphics………..well if that’s true then Gears 3 WILL be on the PS3. Because only the PS3’s graphics have been impressive for the past 2 years.

          • silly fanboys stfu

            lol obviously you dont know shit ps3 hasnt done anything 360 couldnt handle

          • stfu

            You obviously don’t know anything. Cliffy B would never in a thousand years betray the 360 fans by bringing it to the ps3.

  • alex c

    omg, i just cant believe this, you took the time to write and get pics of the games..theres a whopping great big ad in the middle as well….niiiiiceeee, u took time out to post this. omg. again.

    get some inspiration, get ps3.

    Motorstorm 1,2, 3
    Twisted Metal 7
    Ace combat 7
    The mark of kri / rise of kasai…. 3* new name* *secret*
    Uncharted 1,2 3
    Resistance 1,2, 3
    Killzone 3
    God of war 1,2, 3
    Gran turismo 5
    Grand theft auto 5
    syphon filter 5
    The last guardian
    infamous and infamous 2,………..*ahem’ *caugh* enough ‘ *caugh*’ inspiration there.;”caugh*

    all exclusive, … even ea’s title ssx in there. better believe im not joking either.

    thats not it, either, my babies, more at e3. peace. twit purple101

    • It probably took you longer to post your comment than it did for me to create this post.

      • Ian

        Alex more than half of those games (Mark of Kri 3, SSX, Ace Combat 7, etc) haven’t been confirmed.

        Perhaps you should do more research, and not try to claim fact based on the sequels that you want them to make so badly.

    • sklorbit

      what an idiot

  • alex c

    did i leave out1. ”little big planet”, and2.”socom 4” with motion control.

    did i leave out 3.”demon souls” rpg, and4. ”3d dot game heros”.

    did i mention5.” HEAVY RAINS” the truth

    AND did i mention….’6.’MODNATIONRACERS” is what youve been asking for your whole gaming life.>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry, about that, i dont know what came over me,..

    ohh yeeehh it was this guy who pi**ed me off, wrote a bad list…..when you can beat this, please come back and try again. i do look forward to rubbishing it. v.v. quikly.

    • I own a PS3 I really think i’ve made the good choice but I can’t help myself to be ashamed when I see this kind of fanboy ^^

      have a good day…

  • alex c

    few surprises in my games post eh>? hope you all like.

    and remember, thats not even it, can you believe. well actually, its really quite incomprehensible… isnt it,…. its true though.

    sonys new logo make.believe….. i think there taking the ****** or really going for it. or funnily enough, i think its soon (e3)to be proven, their doing both.

    • Bill Gates

      You are a stupid cunt and I hope you get aids and die.

  • alex c

    yo i herd that final fantasy 14 was gonna be exclusive as well…..

    sorry, i couldnt resist,

  • Rick

    Hmmm, don’t you guys think Microsoft is holding back until E3?

  • alex c

    i count about 24 different seriesis or what ever. with 16 forthcoming games over the space of the next 2 years. impossible isnt it.>??

  • blazed13

    @Desz why would it be a financial mistake. between gears 1 and gears 2 they have racked up an impressive 11 to 12 million copies. your comment has no logic since epic has not lost any money on gears.
    gears ftw

    • I knew this would come up, but you are right Microsoft will be making sure that Epic gets paid. But have you realized how much more they would sell if it did go to the PS3 as well?

      I will use MW2 as an example: They have sold 10 million plus copies for 360 and 7million plus on the PS3, that is 17millon plus.

      Just think what Gears can do.. Listen- I know Microsoft can pay them well to stay exclusive, but I’m just pointing out the revenue possibilities.

      I never said they lost money by the way…and Gears is cool, I don’t hate, I congratulate.

    • Inja

      Oh because a money making business thinks “we’ve made enough money lets not try to make anymore”

  • blazed13

    why are all the ps3 fans the same. always with a list of games why

    • alexito20011

      cuz xbox’s fanboys like to brag about 4 games…just my opinion… and when they see the truth, they back out, or say what you comment before.

  • cr

    pathetic fanboys..

  • Tomas

    Confirmed PS3 EXCLUSIVES (not counting PC ports like Agency and DC Universe)

    These are the ones likely to make it this year:

    Socom 4
    ModNation Racers
    Gran Turismo 5
    The Last Guardian

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    …And a whole lot of secret projects and rumours. So it’s basically 4 against 4, if you count Splinter Cell: Conviction.

  • Isbilmannen

    I’m a PS3 fanboy myself, and I have to admit that the comments of Alex c are both inbarising and stupid. It makes me ashamed that this is one of my fellow fanboys. I to think that the PS3 has a lot of awsome exclusives, but the 360 has Gears, Halo, Splintercell. I would give alot to play Halo on my PS3. Good list, bad comments

    • You are right, Alex is usually a cool customer, not sure what he was thinking. You just have to give credit where credit is due. I’m personally picking up Alan Wake when available.

  • Paul

    i have both systems so i can play all those game without bias

  • jim

    but what does do allyuh? is microsoft the ppl that make the xbottom console with halo on it?

  • dox

    Your all fanboy simpletons. Why don’t you stop playing consoles and start enjoying games. Every system has quality software. Drop the 12 year old attitudes and play some games. In 10 years all you die hard fanboys are gonna realize how utterly stupid you are.

  • yojim

    Splinter Cell – Not EXCLUSIVE to the Xbox 360.

    Alan Wake – PS3 already has Heavy Rain, plus game looks like utter shit.

    Crackdown 2 – First one was complete shit, overrated for being a “early” title, shit graphics.

    Halo Reach – Okay, that game I will buy for sure. But to be honest, everything still looks the same.

    • silly fanboys stfu

      Splinter Cell – Not EXCLUSIVE to the Xbox 360. yes it is theres 3 sections of gaming 1. console 2.computer 3. handheld

      Alan Wake – PS3 already has Heavy Rain, plus game looks like utter shit. have you seen the game it looks awesome but this opinionated

      Crackdown 2 – First one was complete shit, overrated for being a “early” title, shit graphics. OPINION

      Halo Reach – Okay, that game I will buy for sure. But to be honest, everything still looks the same. then you havent seen anything

  • scar

    i agree with dox. nobody isnt a fanboy despite their claims. people spend too much time giving attention to something that they wont care about in a few years.

  • Nice piece Desz but I don’t 3 games are going to be enough to save Microsoft this year.

    I have absolutely no interest in any of them. Once you’ve played Halo 2, you’ve pretty much played every Halo game in existence. I wasn’t impressed with 3 and nothing about Reach is exciting. It’s the same stuff.

    Alan Wake had potential but now I could care less thanks to Heavy Rain.

    Splinter Cell…LOL….I’m just laughing because I always thought Splinter Cell was a joke. I never could finish one of the games because it just felt too boring. He doesn’t have the personality of a Solid Snake.

    Oh well…I’m looking forward to seeing Natal but I highly doubt I’ll waste money buying another Red Ring Box.

    • silly fanboys stfu

      haha fanboy

  • Crackdown…hmmm. I don’t consider myself a fanboy but as an educated consumer, the console itself has turned me off to all their stuff.

    BTW…if Gears of War 3 did appear on PS3, it would do massive numbers! Totally agree with Desz on that. I just think Cliffy B is too much of a fanboy himself to let it come to the PS3.

    Kind of stupid really. He could definitely widen the fanbase for the Gears series by putting it on the PS3 too. Future Gears-related titles would then have a much bigger fanbase to sell to.

  • Mitch

    Wow Yojim…
    Splinter Cell actually is exclusive. We don’t count P.C. games.
    when people say exclusives they mean out of consoles.. moron.

    • David Macphail

      Wow, i’ve seen some deranged, moronic fanboys in my time but you take the cake, pal.

      Splinter Cell: Conviction exclusive? LOL, then why has it been CONFIRMED for the PC as well?

      Is Gran Turismo 5 on the PC? Heavy Rain? God Of War 3? Last Guardian? No, that’s because they are EXCLUSIVE. If a game is on mutiple platforms then it’s MULTI – PLATFORM (Isn’t that clever?) not exclusive you moronic troll.

      Boy, 360 fanboys are really getting deseprate now, counting multi – plats as exclusive, what a retard.

      • Seriously

        Actually you can consider it Exclusive due to the fact that it will be Games for Windows which is alos made by Microsoft… All games for Windows games have to be connectible in some form or fashion to the Xbox360, so if it is ever ported it is seemless unlike crappy port overs to the PS3 that still gets slowdowns and is choppy on most multiplatform games. Only time they are better is when they are exclusive to in-house or 2nd/3rd party exclusive titles. Why are they exclusive you ask? Not for money! (also the reason Cliffy B. wont go PS3.) Everything has to be totally reprogrammed with PS3’s God-Awe-Full dev tools that are a headache to all devs. They don’t want to have to deal with that shit twice if they don’t have to. It would be nice to see more commenters do more research before commenting. I think all 3 Console Developers are shooting for the same thing, The Future! I for 1 think M$ has the appropriate vision and tools as of today…

  • Mitch

    Actually, like any game, Gears of war 3 would not sell massively on PS3 as you guys barely buy any games.
    Modern warfare 2 which was multi-platform and didn’t start on 360 sold much better on the Xbox.
    Going to PS3 wouldn’t have a drastic effect on sales numbers.

    And you obviously know absolutely nothing about Halo Reach and should probably stop talking before you make your self seem any more ignorant.
    It’s not going to be like Halo 2, it’s going to be more like Halo 1,
    and the game is completely re-worked.
    Your a ps3 fanboy. Go suck some more asian inches.

    • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (11.86 million global sales / 8.82 million in the USA)

      All in the US where there is more Xbox, I think it’s normal and for the quality of this game… it already been sold too much

    • David Macphail

      Did your parents beat you as a child? Playstation owners don’t buy games, i suppose that’s why Gran Turismo has sold more copies than any Xbox franchise in history?

      Even your pathetic Galo 3 couldn’t come close to GT 3’s 15 million, because even YOU idiots knew it wasn’t worth buying.

      The GT franchise has sold more than 53 million copies worldwide, more than Galo, Gays Of War and Forza Moronsport put together. 360 retards don’t buy games because you know they lack quality.

      Gears 3 will have to be on PS3 if it’s going to have good graphics, because 360’s graphics look worse than those of the GBC.

      • Zarkasm

        Man you really made me laugh,
        Totally agree with your post “Forza Moronsport” is not even in the same league as GT, period.

      • Seriously

        This entire post = fail!

        The GT series has been around way before the Xbox or 360 existed, no wonder the numbers are stagering and yes, GT is a great game and Forza sucks, this coming from a Race Game Fan that has played them all. TBO Project Gotham Racing was the best Race Series to ever exist (R.I.P) now they develop Blur under a new name and I hate it, Look to Disney for new Racing experiences and pray Codemasters can pull off F1-2011 on Multi-Platform (PC preferably) and give me a reason to not give a shit what you think…

        Kinect = The Future of Gaming… Period! Sonys motion is just a better rip off of Wiimotes and Nintendo needs a new system or they will start to decline the next 4 years and be stuck with only the dominate Handheld. Speaking of Handheld, Sony should just give up on it… While I loved my PSP, there just wasn’t/isn’t enough support and people want Nintendo because it sells. Right now Sony is stuck between to Giants and are starting to end up like SEGA did, but I didn’t think Sony would over take SEGA back then because I was a Fanboy, well, I learned my lesson. Sony was a Jugernaught to SEGA, well M$ is a Jugernaught to SONY… Doesn’t matter who is best, just matters who has more money to spend…

  • Vortec

    Just a thought…

    For how much it appears that some of the people here love their videogames, and I know that I truly love mine, wouldn’t it make sense to own say… both videogame machines??? Why the hell would anyone be so loyal to either of these companies??? One is an american mega corporation, one is a Japanese mega corporation. Both get their parts from Taiwan, and neither of them truly have any other desire than to make money. I don’t fault them for this, but because of that I don’t pledge my undying allegiance to them either. Get both damn systems so you don’t have a freakin stroke when a cool title gets out that you don’t have the system for.

  • MrDizzla

    I believe that by the time E3 comes around this year both consoles will get some exciting new exclusives and multiplatforms etc… One game I personally thought was worth mentioning is Fable 3, i’m sure Lionhead Studios will be lurking somewhere in the Exibition Hall lol. I personally cannot wait to play that game.

    Also worth mentioning is Grand Theft Auto, is that really going to be shown so soon? I am still waiting on my pre-order of new DLC for my PS3, let alone a new game lol?

  • MrDizzla

    Fallout New Vegas too, how could I forget that one?!!

  • Dirk

    It is a bright future for all gaming kind.

    • NOt really, for RPG fan it’s just nothing coming up…

  • Your Brother :)

    I’m gonna get Reach but thats it for the 360. None of the other games look appealing to me. Just got done beating God of War 3 and am gonna get some games for my new PS3. All I really care about on the 360 is Gears, Halo, Crackdown(its really a good game), Call of Duty, and Forza. I really want to try out MAG and Killzone 2, but besides that I cant seem to find a good PS3 game that I would enjoy. If all else fails, I’ll play Starcraft 2 for 2 years until Diablo 3 comes out and play Diablo for 3 years untill Warcraft 4 comes out. I like World of Warcraft but the game, and battle.net, isnt stable. My account was getting hacked, most probably, through flash. Even after my account was frozen, Blizzard has been sending me emails about my account being investigated because of hacks. So something is wrong there and I just dont want to deal with that shit anymore.

  • Christopher Bosak

    First of all lets stop bitching about what system has better exclusives. I have a 60 GB PS3, and a 360. My preference is PS3 but i will admit that 360 does have some tricks up their sleeve like SONY.

    I’m not going to list anything because honestly PS3 now has about as many exclusives as 360 when you truly think about it.

    But lets not forget the biggest thing Tetsuya Nomura of SQUARE-ENIX will highly likely end up announcing. The title that has been “requested” for years. HMMMMMMMM what could that be. Kingdom Hearts 3, NO. In fact its too fucking obvious. It’s officially going to end up being an announcement of FINAL FANTASY VII Remake for PS3. Oh btw if you dont believe me, do your research in case any of you didnt know. Square has been quietly remaking FFVII for PS3 behind closed doors, and they also intend to remake FINAL FANTASY VIII & FINAL FANTASY IX for PS3.

    stop bitching about which systems are better, I like PS3, you like 360. I have an idea lets look at the big picture PS3 & 360 fanboys. OUR biggest enemy in common is the WII. Let us join forces since the Wii is still kicking both our asses.


    P.S. Third party support is heavily gained on SONY’s behalf, since Nintendo is losing 3rd party support

    • Alphaman Abe

      Man I almost came at the thought of an FFIX remake. That game made me rofl so hard.
      I have no idea where you got this info about them remaking it though, all I remember is one of the producers saying something along the lines of “if we can remake FFVII in a year then we will remake it, but if it takes longer than that we would rather do something else. So until the time comes that developing a game like that wouldn’t take so long, that will be the time we make the remake.” – again not verbatim (quotations could be a bit misleading).
      But hell I’d pick them both up.

      Also that wii comment made me laugh. =)

      Now to make this post topic relevant.
      Great, short list.
      Conviction looks p.awesome, and Alan Wake I’m particularly excited for. For some reason I’m not feeling Reach, but I expect that to change the closer it gets to its release date. Probably because I was really disappointed with ODST (probably because of the price).

  • doa766


  • dan

    this question is for Desz . there are two question i would like to ask. #1 for thia years E3, what do you predict would be the biggest anoucnment? and why.
    #2 why would microsoft paid heavy cash just for exclusives? i mean in my point of view, microsoft people should’t even start with the whole money thing. for example if you look at sony, playstation 3 console it starting to rise up and yet they haven’t paid a single dime to the developers. another one would be the gta 4 ” exclusive DLC” what once use to be a 50 million dollar exclusive deal, now hopping over toward the ps3 and pc. and sooner or later the DLC for moderen warfare 2 would transfer over to the ps3 versions. so why bother signing “exclsuives deals? i rather have microsoft improve a better community for xbox live ( sometimes annyoing kids are gay ), help developers with their games ex. sony, and trust the producers of the games and not rely on money and exclusives deals. halo seris once for xbox and pc now became exclusive to the xbox 360 only. what do the pc gamers think? what do you think? please answer my question thank you !!!!!

    • Thanks for the comment Dan and awesome questions, I will answer both of them on tonight’s TQcast LIVE show. I will mention your name, before we get on the topic. We will be LIVE tonight at 6:30pm PST right here: http://www.allgames.com/chat

      If you happen to miss the show, TQcast Episode 103 will be posted on the front page right here http://www.tqcast.com/ Thursday morning.

      We will also speak a bit about Killzone 3.

      Thanks for your questions Dan, hope you have a chance to listen to the show either live or recorded, for my answers.

    • Seriously

      Your Silly, Rise Up? All the Devs? The Exclusives are coming from the same devs that started exclusively with the PS3 when it Launched, some other 3rd parties are throwing the PS3 some extra filler titles that aren’t even great new awe inspiring IPs. There are very few reasons to buy a PS3, Uncharted and Little Big Planet are 2 of a very small list. I could care less about exclusives, all systems even PC have them if you want to buy a system just for an exclusive you might end up with a Dreamcast (R.I.P.) But if you think and take some time to actually look at what technology is out there and how it’s being developed, then you might actually be abe to make a wise descision for the long haul. Everyone wants to be right, but the fact is, most of us are not…

  • carnage

    Ever since I got a full time job I have no time for video games anymore….but when I do have free time I like to spend it with my ladyfriends, not with a machine. so if I do have time to play a game and actually finish it, I don’t want to waste my time. So in this view less is better when it comes to video games, putting my hands on a woman is better than having my hands on a sweaty controllers with a bunch of smelly dude friends….

    ^^^^^^^what happened to me!!! answer: I have responsibilities now.

    So whenever I visit N4g and see a flame war I know that 90% of the time they are people with no responsibilities, (aka super rich, Kids and bums)

    • David Macphail

      100% of the people who come on the Internet to talk about how great they are with the ladies have actually never even seen a real woman before outside of their immediate family.

      My guess is that you are an overweight loser who probably has bad skin who doesn’t have money for games and who girls just laugh at when he walks down the street. So you spend all your time trolling Internet forums and watching Star Trek re – runs, get a life.

  • Blaah

    Why is everybody comparing Alan Wake with Heavy Rain? If the only common thing between these games is that they are both dark, cinematic games makes them hardly the same. And stop bitching about the graphics, they both look great.

  • alex c

    glad i kicked things off…… bring your list of 4 games, cos thats all you an bring.

    confirmed or unconfirmed, i know whats coming, and its 22 games serieses, and 16 games over 2 years.

    wonder how many exclusives ms will have over 2 years,

    not many i shouldnt think

  • Mark H

    Thats all Microsoft can bring to the table? oh well

  • Mr.Jigglyjuggs

    It is crap like this that made me give away my 360. MS just keeps digging the grave deeper and deeper. How lame.

  • David Macphail

    Yawn…..if this is the best Microsoft can do they might as well give up now.

    First of all – Splinter Cell: Conviction has been confirmed for PC, so it’s not exclusive.

    Fable 3 will most likely end up on the PC at some point as well.

    Halo: Reacharound will not be of any higher quality than ODST or Wars.

    Alan Wake has laughable graphics, i’ve seen better graphics on N64 games.

    Those games are going up against Gran Turismo 5, Demon’s Souls (EU), God Of War Collection (EU), The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Agent, White Knight Chronicles 2 (Japan), Resistance 3, Infamous 2, Killzone 3 (2011), Modnation Racers, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Yakuza 4 (Japan).

    Gran Turismo 5 by itself is enough to take on those low – selling hack games like Halo and Fable. However Sony have gone the extra mile and have built up an unstoppable army of AAA exclusives, plus with the Playstation Move already confirmed to be 100 times better than Project Natal (In fact, Natal flopped so hard, Microsoft are already looking for a replacement) then it’s PS3 all the way through 2010 just like it was last year.

    • Seriously

      Exclusive = Microsoft Xbox360 & Microsoft GFWL, so yes it is Exclusive to M$ idiot…

  • 360ftw

    i’ll go 360 all the way, im not buying a ps3 to play 3 or 4 stupid exclusives that looks the same sh++ than the ps2 (like gow3)

  • Atrep

    awesome, can’t wait for these games to come out, especially splinter cell conviction, quick, quick, quick before i get to college, cause till then there’s no time for gaming anymore

  • AAAonly 360

    time to sell my PS3 and buy xbox 360
    Jump in.

    • Seriously

      That’s the smartest post Iv’e seen this entire thread lmao ^^

  • Hishneer

    I’m speechless…….

  • DarthDiggler

    I am sorry guys. Halo is PLAYED. Seriously how many times can you remake this shooter.

    Conviction looks pretty good, but of course it’s not true HD. To get the kind of effects they are going for from the 360 you have to go sub HD. Also this will be out for PCs as well, so it doesn’t require the Xbox 360 to play.


    Alan Wake was more interesting before I found out it was a Flash Light shooter.

    Crackdown 2 does look like some fun.

  • WeakAzzList

    360 fanboys are REACHINg… get it… reach… ahahahaha

  • Johnny

    360 fanboys are reaching for a PS3 lol.

    Just kidding I’m lucky enough to own both Xbox 360 and PS3. I can’t wait for Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell Conviction does look promising. Beyond that I don’t think Microsoft has any more tricks left. They spent too much time securing DLC, which I don’t care for and natal is not for the hardcore gamers.

    Sony are doing it the proper way with top quality exclusives like Heavy Rain,God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, Agent. Generally PS3 games are well done in terms of graphics fidelity and gameplay experiences that make you go WOW. Although sony’s PSN service needs a boost of features as well as a release date for GT5 this year.

    Microsoft needs to start buying studios, I can’t believe they haven’t bought Epic games which produced a heavy hitter like Gears of War.

    • Seriously

      HAHA Cliffy B. would never let M$ Buy him out… He’s got to much control over what he does…

  • Woow nice list…. still doesn’t come close to Ps3 exclusives though. 😛

  • yobnaf

    S’up Imma start a fl4m3 w4r

  • Ummm.. What “crushing momentum” is the PS3 on? By what standard are you referring to? Nov NPD numbers make the “crushing momentum” statement laughable, and in march the 360 out sold the PS3 and the Wii. So what “crushing momentum” are you talking about? Oh I forget – this is another Sony owned site. You guys should be careful with the false-facts. I would hate to see what befell EGN happen to you too. You’ve been warned.

  • Ur pimp

    I hope everyone who owns a videogames system and whines about thow mch better it is than the other systems has a stroke whule driving their car with their kids on christmas day in front of a church. U whiney fucks well then gave something to bitch about. Keep making ur fucking lists, unless you own all of the systems, ur list is going to miss some really good games.

  • Kosamus

    I’m seriously only really waiting for FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS. If their was a new Rainbow Six exclusively for 360, then I would be mighty impressed. Played the Splinter Cell Demo and couldnt be more dissapointed. Looks like another game dumb’d down by casual gamers aka “FF13 & Mass Effect 2”. Wheres my DC Universe at?