Kevin Butler Laughs at Microsoft’s 2005 Marketing

Kevin Butler has become a household name. Sony strategically brought Kevin to be the funny guy, the image of the PS3, the man we all want to see when we think PlayStation 3. Kevin Butler makes us laugh, but most importantly he makes us buy PS3’s.

Recently, during the new PS3 Move commercial, Kevin Butler made it clear that Microsoft’s marketing is a joke. Check out Kevin Butler pretend he is shooting a gun, and laugh at the idea.

Watch at the 1:06 mark -he states “who wants to pretend their hand is a gun, what is this 3rd grade?”

Now, check out the commercial that Kevin might have been referring to.The Xbox 360 commercial was banned for some reason. Perhaps the future Kevin Butler played the move commercial for them.

Big ups Maggot!

  • metalgeararising

    wow u guy’s are really right up Kevin Butler’s ass hole.

    • chitae

      kevin butler rocks, and please xbox 3shitty fan boy, nigga go kill yo self.

      • EEEZZZ

        He’s name is metalgearrising I highly doubt he’s a 360 fanboy.

        • Bereaver

          Are you a complete idiot and never visit

          Metal Gear Rising, is a multiplat game, and it’s something that hardcore 360 fanboys praise and talk about.

  • metalgearrising is a cu**

    U still mad he owned all you bots with that video? You gonna cry bi***?

  • LMAO at metalgeararising looks like you caint come back at n4g having a hard time getting past the ip banned? bungie!

  • Life

    What a troll article title. Kevin Butler never laughed at MS’s marketing, that is a totally misleading title just to draw hits from N4G. Pathetic.

    Gaming “journalism” is an embarrassment 9 out of 10 times.

  • awesome post, this is classic, who wants to pretend their hands a gun, and then 360 pretending thats hilarious, a sign of things to come maybe? i think so. Great job Lots of laughs of this one

  • Dan

    You guys are really, really reaching here. Maybe if Butler would have said, “Bang!” instead of “Pew, Pew, Pew” I MIGHT have considered the similarity, but this is just plain stupid. Quit trying to attract hits.

  • Dan

    Theyre both great ads by the way. The XBOX ad reminds me of some of the classic PS2 ads that were so awesome.

  • me you

    learn the facts of next gen control and controllers and why they will more videogames forward

  • pixelsword

    I thought they were talking about this one:

    • hahahahahahaaha! That is classic! She must have peed her pants during that audition.

  • Lol gotta love his ads.

  • Justin

    i am pretty sure that he was taking a shot at Natal and the no controller because there is no shoot button and not that stupid but yet kinda funny 360 commercial

  • The Ban 360 add is a classic. If you think about it. Most games use a few buttons. I feel Natal is trying to do something new why PS3 Move is a flashier Wii remote.

  • gh

    The author of this article really missed the point. He’s not making fun of any commercial; he’s making fun of Natal, because of the games where you make a finger gun to shoot.

  • xXjp74dirtyXx

    LOL suck it tres sesenta!!

  • Kosamus

    Butler is probably the only game marketer I actually enjoy watching. Their is a reason why Major Nelson doesnt get any tv time – he is not funny any % of the time. Anyway,

    I still cant wait to try the motion and natal. Although, PS3 motion is for the hardcore gamer and natal is for your lil sister im not afraid to say. So Its all win for multi-console owners. Stop crying, atleast were not getting another Virtual Boy or some crappy 32X/Sega CD attachment for our consoles.

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