Alan Wake’s 5 Year Development: Will it Pay Off?

2005 was a great year for showing off unbelievable, never before seen video games that caught many by surprise. One of the games during E3 2005, was Killzone for the PS3, a remarkable gameplay video clip was played for many during the conference that changed the way we looked at games. Along came the Xbox 360 heavy hitter, “Gears of War”, putting the Xbox 360 on the map with it’s unique multiplayer/co-op and its impressive graphics. Then there was a title, by the name of Alan Wake. Alan Wake was first announced at E3 2005, when plans were to release it for the PC and the Xbox 360. In 2009, the developers of Alan Wake “Remedy Entertainment” threw the PC version out the window, and focused solely on the Xbox 360 version. Along the way, Remedy has implemented new ideas, threw out a few, accomplished tasks within the main task, and have kept themselves motivated throughout the game’s development. But how much pressure must the developing team be feeling in 2010, about 5 plus years after they announced Alan Wake?

Check out this graphic progression over the years

On May 18 2010, we will find out, what a five plus year 360 game in development feels like. Alan Wake can easily prove what time and dedication can do for a video game and even stand next to games, such as Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, God of War III, Heavy Rain; triple A titles that have set the bar to never before seen levels. In order for Alan Wake to be successful and become the must buy game for even the PS3 and the Nintendo fan base, it has to be near perfect. Remedy Entertainment can easily put themselves back on the map, or easily shoot them selves out of the much advance video game world in 2010, where we eat our food through straws.

Check out some of the Alan Wake Trailers and Gameplay footage provided by Game Trailers.

  • alex c

    to reply to the title, no it wont, as red dead redemption does everything and better that this game ‘tries’ to do, you cant **** witht he script writers up at rockastar….. there are sik sik ******* at the top of their game,

    the open world is read dead is 8 times bigger than that of alan wake.

    the date of red dead has just been moved to may 21, same day as alan wake. bring the war…. read deads got the guns, the horses, the petrol hand grenades and anything else you want..

    ohh yer…big game shooting….oowwww swwwwweeeeeet.!

    • Vrajitorulgaoz

      @alex c

      You sir are a complete IDIOT !!!

  • alex c

    yep i agree, on some levels, but on a different topic (games) read dead is the better game , i persist, and you give me no reason to think otherwise.

    read dead also seen a 5 year development. and im half sottish, so im always going to love rockstar, as they started in scotland, however read read is made in the good ol’ US of A..

    ps sorry for spelling in last post.

  • alex c

    better script,
    better mechanics.

    flashlight – zombie or ghost – gun

    doesnt stack up to

    ride horse -(while) shooting guns – lassoo – rear cattle, big game hunting, trains and stage coach’s, + the script from rockstarr,…….

    which i believe, is alan wakes main selling point, he a writer, the script is written about a writter, .. lAAAAAAME

    isnt a writter, like ‘the’ most boring job, to make a game about.

  • alex c

    GOD OF WAR 3 IS pure SAVAGEry
    AND THE NEW SSX, ON PS3 – well, get some fresh pants at the ready.

  • Phi39583

    Well, at least you admitted to being an idiot. I applaude you for that…..

  • xino

    I’m sorry Alan Wake will fail!

    games in long development and constant delays always tend to fail

    *Too Human
    *Alone in the Dark 5
    *Mercenaries 2
    *Dark Sector

    etc..the list goes on..And Alan Wake will be the next victim!

  • did killzone 2s 7 year development payoff?…some seem to think so and alan wake seems way in plot and better in graphics than the latest silent hill and resident evil 5 and all other current gen horror games. the only ones that disagree are the ones who want an xbox exclusive to fail, that’s it.

    • Lima

      You said it right! Cheers m8!

    • Killzone 2 is awesome. I hope Alan Wake delivers. I can’t see Remedy mess this up, they are hard chargers, and they appear to know what they are doing. I know PC gamers are a bit pissed though. We will see.