Uncharted 2 May Be The Greatest Game in Existence

The stats, and awards speak for itself. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves could very well be the greatest game ever made. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves continues to win awards and get nominated world wide, almost 6 months after its release. The most recent nominations come from the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards, nominating Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for 10 awards. What other game has ever received this type of recognition in the past? None would come close to what Naughty Dog has created.

Below is a list of awards honored to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, since its day of release in October 2009:

• Uncharted 2 winning the most E3 awards of any game.

• Uncharted 2 earned a record eight award nominations in the Spike Video Game Awards and was voted for by fans for three wins, including Game of the Year.

• Numerous gaming websites and publications awarded Uncharted 2 their overall game of the year award. PSM3 (France) even gave the game an unbelievable 21 out of 20.

• The game also won 10 AIAS Interactive Achievement Awards including one for Overall Game of the Year.

• Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” stole the show at the Game Developers Choice Awards. The game won five trophies at the Game Developers Conference ceremony, including game of the Uncharted 2 was also honored for best writing, audio, technology and visual art.

• Was named by Metacritic as the most critically acclaimed game of 2009, averaging a 96 out 100 score, based on 105 Critic reviews.

• And of course the 10 nominations from the GAME British Academy. Watch it LIVE!

If all these awards are not enough, to justify Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as the greatest video game in existence, what does?

Update—-Uncharted Just won another 4 Awards..
Action Game of the Year from British Academy.
Best Use of Audio:Another Award.
Original Score Award goes to: Uncharted 2
Best Story: Uncharted 2

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  • metalgeararising

    Batman Arkham Asylum wins BAFTA Game Of The Year and well desrved award i must say maybe the greatest game in existence.

    • lol, yeah I think they got tired of giving Uncharted 2 awards. Good for them. Great game as well.

  • PS3FTW!!!

    I think it’s one of the best games ever. The single player is amazing.

  • ghsadg

    i like uncharted but the only reason it got so much awards is because of the graphics

    • rd

      you are an idiot and clearly a xbox 360 fanboy

      Gears – over hyped, horrendous story line, beyond horrible AI and characters have no character

      Halo – they ruined the series with every halo game after halo 1, what the hell was up with halo wars: that was stupid and yea you get the picture

      • rd

        that was meant for Stankapotomas

    • David Macphail

      No, the reason it got so many “Best Graphics” awards was because of the graphics.

      The reason it got so many “Best Audio” awards was because of the audio.

      The reason it got so many “Best Story” awards was because of the story.

      Finally, the reason it got so many “GOTY” awards was because it has unparalleled gameplay and makes every game on any rival system look second – rate by comparison.

  • Stankapotomas

    Uncharted 2 sucks! Halo and Gears all the way!

    • David Macphail

      Halo and Gears Of Bad Graphics are only enjoyed by gays and middle – aged housewives.

      When’s the last time any Gaybox 360 game ever won this many awards? That’s right, never because they’re all such low – quality with such last – gen graphics.

      360 games couldn’t even win awards from the N64 era, how are they supposed to compete with the power of the cell? Uncharted 2 just goes to show, if you want good games, it’s only possible on PS3. Nobody who respects themselves as a gamer would play the last – gen trash on the Breakbox 360.

    • Jake

      you sir are gay, no 360 exclusive can beat the ps3 exclusives. have you even played uncharted 2? how stupid are you

      • Jake

        this is at stankapotomas, the 360 fanboy

  • slinky123456

    uncharted 2 is an amazing game on all levels a deffinetly deserves all it gets.but i dont think batman should win goty over uncharted 2, batman was a good game but uncharted 2 was way better(im not talking crap batman is a good game but deffinetly not better than uncharted 2)

  • Aaron

    Look, I love Uncharted 2. I played the hell out of my copy and I still play it now. However, saying it is possibly the best game of all time is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. I’m sorry, but it just isn’t. This really is astounding to me, how someone could think that. I really do like Uncharted 2, but saying it is the best game in existence is just so stupid…

    • David Macphail

      So what should be called the best game of all time then? Because i haven’t seen anything that compares to Uncharted 2’s level of quality.

      Oh and don’t you dare say “The Legend Of Zelda” or i swear i’ll rip your head off. That was one of the most overrated franchises in the history of this planet. Nobody who has a working brain would think, even for a microsecond, that ANY Zelda game is more polished than Uncharted 2.

  • Bob

    The only reason I think Batman: Arkham Asylum won “Best Game” at BAFTA is because it’s a British Game Developer…

  • igoramos

    I just don’t get the hype. I played through Uncharted 2 to the end just cause I kept thinking there must be more. I felt like I was on a train and not really playing the game. The multiplayer was really good but in the end I think it was a pretty mediocre game overall. Maybe a very difficult game to achieve technically but not really very fun.

  • OooSheeet

    Sorry but Uncharted 2 is a very mediocre game with good graphics. It’s a shame that so many shallow people have such influence in awarding accolades to linear games with dissapointing online modes. The online gameplay is strictly brain dead “run ‘n’ gun” with the exception of the co-op mode, but there are only 3 levels out of 26 which can be played co-op. “Greatest game in existence”, nah not even close. STOP BEING SO F*%KING OBSESSED WITH GRAPHICS!

    • Waldo

      You obviously have barely played the game, or have a very bad handle on what makes a game good, as I can tell by the fact that you didn’t list ANY reasons why it’s mediocre besides ‘disappointing online modes’. Also, because that’s the only reason you listed, I can almost definitely assume that you’re the type of person that almost exclusively plays games like Halo and MW2 and such online to quench your gaming thirst, and so you’re judging Uncharted 2 purely on the multiplayer, which is pretty fun to begin with, and it wasn’t even meant to be a big part of the game, just a fun add-on. I mean really Uncharted 2 has great writing, great voice acting, great graphics, great plot, great platforming, great shooting, tons of great set pieces that intensify the whole game and add a lot of variety, all of which come together to form a game like no other. In fact, the gunplay and shooting mechanics alone are quite original (since the first Uncharted and Gears of War, the only other game with similar mechanics, came out at the same time- which, by the way, is much more mediocre), but in combination with everything else, especially the platforming and hand-to-hand combat, it forms an experience like no other.

      • OooSheeet

        Please see below, sorry I didn’t notice this “reply” button until after I had posted.

    • Carvega

      Except Uncharted 2 had some of the BEST online last year. And there is no action game on any other system that equals it, period. It’s only competition is on the PS3… GOWIII.

  • Adar

    Do you like to jump? Do you like to jump from pipe to pipe? Do you like to climb? Do you like to swing, shimmy, and slide? Then Uncharted 2 is for you! But wait thats not all! You can also shoot guns to rest your arms. Then its off to your neverending cardio workout.

    No I didn’t care for the game. Movie scenes were all I liked.

  • You are wrong–Deadly Premonition is the Greatest Video Game in Existence.

    Never-The-Less, those are some amazing awards, and surpassing this recognition won’t come easy.

    And why not name the article “The Greatest Game in Existence”? Arguably it is. Naming the Article– “Confirmed: Uncharted 2 is the Greatest Game Ever” would be another story. The article details the justification on why it should received a title like so.

  • YouDon’tKnowMe

    Damn straight.
    Uncharted 2 deserves all the awards it’s been getting.
    And NO, it’s not just about the graphics. If you play the videogame with an open mind (You know, how a gamer should), you’ll understand why it’s so amazing.

    The only people I’ve ever seen say the game is anything below amazing, are people who play their Xbox360 2 times (or more) more than their PS3. It’s because of this “fanboyish” connection that doesn’t let “gamers” enjoy these other games.

    Uncharted 2 does more than most Shooters out there, and it’s well deserved of being called one of the “Greatest Games of all time”.

    I know some of you “Hate it because it’s popular” people would disagree with that, but once you grow up, you’ll realize that you are wrong (just so you know, age doesn’t mean you’ve “grown up”).

  • nicknack

    Great game all around, but for me the replayability isn’t there – I played it for a few days straight and then not much since. it lost my attention fast but im high so…

  • noctis

    c’mon now !!

    Uncharted 2 is a good game BUT NOT THE GRAETEST GAME !!!
    the game has 2 most boring levels ever “first level and snow level”

    IMO the GRAETEST single player game”s” are :
    heavy rain
    demon’s souls

    yup that’s it NO Uncharted 2 the game is wayyyyy overrated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carvega

      Bayonetta was praised FAR too highly… I could only get about 4 hours into the game until I just couldn’t take it anymore. That game was crap.

  • Ian

    It’s a stellar game from start to finish.

    But the greatest game in existence? C’mon guys, that’s just fanboyism talking. The greatest game ever made is either Super Metroid or Final Fantasy 6.


    Uncharted 2 is the best game this Gen. That’s without a shadow of a doubt.

  • gowtres

    Its atleast top 10 greatest games ever created. Zelda OOT. is still praised by critics as the greatest game ever made. Uncharted wins awards for the year, but still has to pass the test of time. UC2 is one hell of a game. STory is one of the best. Also UC DF was an awesome game too.

  • Peter

    Half life/ Half life 2?

    Each had 50 Game of the Year awards?
    96% Metacritic?

    Half life 2 game of the decade (ign and others)?

    Uncharted 2 is a great game but its NOT the “greatest game ever made”.

  • Ben

    I love uncharted 2. but christ. this is not the the best game in existence. biggest fanboy shit i have ever read in my life. this article is the definition of poor journalism. I’d like to know what critics you people seem to keep referring to that claim that its the best game of all time. they clearly aren’t from credible publications. and how can you talk about a playstation magazine giving it 21/20. retards. also. the game BAFTA’s have been around for like 2/3 years. and its not hard to win alot of awards when fuck all games come out in that year. my god. cant believe how dumb this shit is. still it is a great game. credit to naughty dog but this is why i hate N4G. its links me to the shittest fanboy sites around.

    • DTerry

      They are all facts dude, wake up and realize it. You hate N4G, but still read and post on a daily basis. I would understand you, if the article had no facts to back it up, but it does. Plus the article does say “May” It doesn’t promise or confirms it is. Congratulate Naughty Dog for this, don’t blame N4G for your clicking.

  • OooSheeet

    Waldo you can asume anything you like, it doesn’t make you right! You credit the game stating that it has “some great set pieces” and want a list of why the game is mediocre. O.K. lets start there, all this game has is set pieces, a collection of cheesy cliches stolen from films and other games. You drone on about “Great writing & Plot, but that’s easy when you steal from others. This game is so linear, therefore there is no real exploring, walk down the only path find this, kill that, blah blah….even old games of Tomb Raider gave you an area to explore! You say “You obviously have barely played the game” yet I have played through it many times. You state that “I can almost definitely assume that you’re the type of person that almost exclusively plays games like Halo and MW2” yet I have never played either of these games. Games I play online are LBP ( I can login & play a new level every time), Warhawk (masive tactical gameplay), AvP (play as 3 diferent species) and BF:BC 1&2 (masive tactical, evolving gameplay). You state that I “don’t have a handle on what makes a game good”, face it you only like shiny things, if this game has poor graphics you wouldn’t even be here. Keep it linear otherwise you might actually have to think!

  • Kosamus

    I enjoyed Uncharted 2 so much, it was my first platinum. One of the only games I started over as soon as I beat it.

    Congrats to Naughty Dog. Yes your a good boy, don’t listen to those mean o xbox/nintendo fanboys.

    AvP a good multiplayer game, WTF? are you smoking? Bought it for $20 because my friend couldnt stand it and he is the biggest Predator fanboy around. Luckily I sold that crap for $35 on ebay.

  • gf78

    To me, Uncharted 2 was quite an excellent title but not the best of all time. I don’t try to quantify things that way. But it is vindication for Naughty Dog who was criticized when Uncharted (1) came out and received good-but-not-great reviews.

    I’ve been gaming since ’78 on every system imaginable and Zelda-Ocarina of Time-the highest rated game of all time-bored me to death. I absolutely could not stand playing that game and never finished it. Same goes for Super Mario 64-another highly praised game. So to each their own.

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  • Glitchman

    I think this game may very well be one of the stupidest games ever!  All the assinine jumping around.  It doesn’t make any sense.  Why have a game that is supposedly based in reality, as the storyline presumes, and then have all this superhuman jumping around.  It’s absurd!  I’m just sorry I wasted good money on it.